Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lord's Prayer : Voice to Spirit (Original) - HD

YouTube Uploaded by voicetospirit on Mar 26, 2011

"Lord's Prayer original version by Voice to Spirit
Video : Sermon on the Mount, altarpiece by Henrik Olrik

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Lord's Prayer by Voice to Spirit

Nerd stuff, gear used in video:
Roland Juno 106, Alesis Qs 6.1,
Access Virus C, Korg MS2000BR,
Sequential Circuits Six Trak, Modular,
Casio RZ-1 Circuit Bent,
Ibanez SDGR srx 2 ex 2 Bass."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MANX - I'm Gonna Steal Your Car

YouTube Uploaded by jarruby on Feb 21, 2011

"First 'single' from MANX's first album. MANX is a psych/electronic/prog group in Brooklyn, NY. Album available at Album release: March23, 2011. Video directed by Jarrod Ruby. Footage and puppetry by Jarrod Ruby and Jennifer Alzona-Ruby. Additional footage taken from an educational film called "We Drivers (1935 edition)" from"

On the synth front: "composed with the Nintendo/Korg DS-10 (the main part is from the Kaossilator in there) and the Korg Kaossilator (chorus). The other instruments, aside from live drums and vocals, were the MicrokorgXL and Steinberg Sequel software instruments."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hand Made Acid

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"Hand Made Acid is a new independent music label from Mr. David Haberfeld, professionally known as Honeysmack. He has been producing electronic dance music and working at the very heart of it for over twenty years in Australia. Hand Made Acid is the next progression for Honeysmack and it’s focus is Australian made acid and techno music produced with traditional hardware and methods. Releases available digitally through Beatport, and compact discs only through "In a world filled with the same sounding computer music made with terrible sounding software that never delivers - it's nice to know people can rock traditional hardware and make acid the way it should be made."

2D Eleven - First Session
2 x 808 + 2 x 303"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Atlantic City by Teleflux

Free download.

Teleflux also brought us this synth art featured on MATRIXSYNTH.

Crush Me by Teleflux

My Synth is Dead by Teleflux

Tractorbeam by Teleflux