Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yankee Notch by DONALDCRUNK

"DONALDCRUNK is the audio persona of Jason Degelman, an experimental/ambient artist.  Media begets media, and the sounds of donaldcrunk are informed and outlined by the melancholy fatalism of  crackling cold war era documentaries and the dusty pages of technical manuals, with a lifetime of midwestern emo songwriting binding the structures together.

Unique processing techniques and a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments surge forward behind simple progressions, building relentlessly towards full-spectrum and releasing when the time is right.

In a previous effort with three other friends called "Scenic Square" (2003 - ??), Jason developed a unique way of approaching synthesis and sound-on- sound, culminating with his time spent at Columbia College and subsequent introduction to modular synthesis in 2006.  He currently dabbles in video art and glitched images as well as experimental audio at his home in Peoria, IL.

The track "the City" is presented as an 'alternate soundtrack' of sorts to the 1939 social engineering film The City.  The second track, the Country is an 'ambient reaction' to the ideas presented in the previous track.  Processed piano, modular synthesizer, found sounds and some handplayed instruments all find there way into these dense beautiful pieces.  DONALDCRUNK has a long and varied history with ambient and drone musique.  Also available on cassette."

Friday, March 8, 2013

Raoul Juke Unchained

Published on Feb 25, 2013 Vincent Drapo

Stoofy40oz and Vincent Drapo present

Raoul Juke Unchained (a 580 seconds Video Mixtape)

Music compiled and mixed by Vincent Drapo

Video edited and directed by Stoofy40oz

no animals were used to make this "videomixtape" only computer, mixer, effect unit, and cable