Thursday, December 31, 2009

MERY ANN La temperatura del vacío (2009)

You can find the free download of the album and two others at MERY ANN's Zodiac Music site.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Última tocada Nortec en 2009! con Bostich+Fussible

YouTube via pepemogt. Check out the Future Retro Revolution in the custom case behind them at :38 on.
Feliz Año 2009!!!
Nortec Collective Presenta: Bostich+Fussible
26 de Diciembre 2009 en Teatro Voilá Acustique
México D.F.

Track: Borderland

Sunday, December 27, 2009

music animation | clicktrack (with john foxx)

music animation | clicktrack (with john foxx) from barnbrook on Vimeo.

"animation using analogue sound archive tape from john foxx's pioneering electronic album metamatic which was released in 1980.

the sounds were left unedited with all gaps and hisses left in. the lyrics are used for the animation.

special thanks to 'the end' flickr group for the use of 'the end' images"

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Alien Robot Dance - Pluto (dncflr rmx)

YouTube via se7ense7
"A remix i did for a band called 'Essence of Freedom'. You can find them on myspace.

I used the tail of a power chord for the bass, strings are Juno60, lunar pad is JX3P (a preset actually). Drums are TR707 and samples. Sync lead is JX3P. The voices are a short piece of vocals I sampled from the original track."

Sider Eöhn

"Composition for synthesizers and electronics"


"Music for synthesizers and electronics composed between october and november 2009 with a film specially created for it."

Morgenstern, Part One

Morgenstern, Part Two

Friday, December 25, 2009

Free Xmas Instrumental EP by Khoral

"Instruments : 90% analogue... lots of Moog Little Phatty everywhere, mostly Prophet 08 on track 1, Roland Juno-1 on track 2, and some Korg Poly-800 as well."

available on Khoral's Cafe 80.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Instrumental Analysis by Kiddie Khem

free download here

"My band's name is Kiddie Khem and making electronic music similar to sounds like: Port Blue, Prefuse, and The Album Leaf."

Mod3Rn MaYh3M

YouTube via axc909
"Erfffff degouté tout le monde ne va pas pouvoir voir L'4iR 2 F3t3s censuré dans certains pays ???
Ce son é monté sur une vid des Teknomad sur tekos"

Monday, December 21, 2009


YouTube via danilagb. "Show na Livraria da Esquina."


YouTube via Sgipon
"This is some of my real music that I dont share online..however..MERRY CHRISTMASS..."

Friday, December 18, 2009

DJ Keamia - Maximum Heat

YouTube via DJKeamia (click for more)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sick Are Not Healing by I, Parasite

The Sick Are Not Healing
"Long awaited followup to 2003's On This Cold Floor. Includes guest appearances by Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), Lars Hansen (Oneiroid Psychosis), as well as I, Parasite's live bassist Bret Calder.

Packaging features illustrations by long time I, Parasite friend Paul Komoda and was manually printed by Christopher in small batches on a 1968 Vandercook Universal I letterpress. Each package was folded and assembled by hand.

The Sick Are Not Healing is I, Parasite's third full length album, released December 15, 2009 on Dark Vision Media."

Synths include a DSI Evolver, Frac Modular, Roland Juno-6, and Elektron SidStation.


"The top of the listening box has two new tracks added from my forth coming album.
they were created with
Ableton Live
Virus TI
Machinedrum UW

hope you guys enjoy."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

" Frozen " Elektronic Impressionen

YouTube via Korgator
"playing live with;Korg Triton Le61+Viscount OB-12+Roland JP 8080"


"the songs i used with my synt's are: myself and i (my how am i) -all thy synt's part use by the evolver keyboard
2.kiss the floor - the ending part use by the evolver keyboard
3.tribute record -all thy synt's part use by the evolver keyboard & yamaha cs-15
4.keys and doors - all thy synt's part use by the evolver keyboard
tanks moshe."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mach Ångström - square_wave

You can find it here

"This thirty-plus minute piece is comprised of Serge analog modular synthesizer drones coaxed into sumptuous other-worldliness by spectral layers of ensemble generators, cured in spring reverb baths, and aged inappropriately by delays of the bucket-brigade and magnetic tape categories; augmented by dusty, ethereal guitar motifs. Recorded over two late nights in December 2008."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Landspeed by Boys List

on Boys List

"It was made with Roland MC-202, Acidlab Miami, Roland TR-505, Roland JX-8P, Casio SK1 and other various synths and effects."

Atomic Shadow

on SoundClick
"There are 12 pieces and all were done sing software called Berna, which is a recreation of the way this type of music was done in the 50's. There are oscillators that have to be tuned and manipulated in real time. RThere are 4 virtual tape recorders than can be synced. All of the pieces were done in one pass with no overdubs with the exception of #3 and #12 where I overdubbed one pass od Mtron wine glasses and a faux theremin solo respectively. The pieces were recorded sequentially with the exception of #5 which, frankly, sucked. I re-did it twice before arriving at the final version.

In the coming days I hope to have time to put some notes up on the page for each piece about how it was done and what sorts of recordings were used on the 'tape recorders"."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Veqtor - Parsuitel Orbitelum

NGC1313 Spiral Galaxy in Reticulum – Abre Ojos @ Electundra

NGC1313 Spiral Galaxy in Reticulum – Abre Ojos @ Electundra from abre ojos on Vimeo.

"A live performance as part of the festival at Loop Bar in Melbourne.
The performance is based around the amazing astronomy photographs of Marek Dobiecki, artist, teacher and astronomer, Dobiecki has built himself an observatory in his backyard in the Dandenong ranges where he tracks the night sky with his computer controlled f4.5 x 30cm Newtonian Telescope capturing galaxies, nebulae and star fields. The photographs are wonderfully fragile, textured, grayscale images of up to 2 hours exposure time revealing things we can barely see with the naked eye.

These photos were built into a series of audio reactive Quartz Composer animations and the sounds are inspired from space recordings and low frequency atmospheric sounds of the earth built on a modular synthesizer."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

whenwe gonna

"creepy disco song. with dating etiquette video. features juno 106, arp odyssey, and roland tr 77"

Benny sloshstep

Benny sloshstep by b3nsf
made in ableton 7, sample of my 808 and some synth hits

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bostich - Electronische - Basia - 1992 - Pre Nortec

YouTube via bostich1
"Ramon Amezcua - Bostich

from " Electronische " Album 1992
Opcion Sonica Mexico

Waldorf Microwave l
Arp Avarar
Korg DSS-1
Yamaha QX-21 Sequencer
Roland R-8
Roland TR-909"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Song for Olivia

YouTube via Korgator
"this is a Song for the Daughter from Grzegorz(Grzegorzprey).
She is very ill and when I have found out this today, it has touched me very much."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey Baby, Merry Christmas!

Hey Baby, Merry Christmas! from Calvin Cardioid on Vimeo.

Available on iTunes: Calvin Cardioid
"Hey Baby, Merry Christmas! (It's Not About The Presents)
Canon 7D. Litepanel MicroPro. Edited in FCP7, no other effects.
Turntable: Numark CDX. Props all homemade."
Also see

"Théorème de point fixe" by Franck Smith

"Dedicated to Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda, "Théorème de point fixe"

by Franck Smith is published on French discographic collection Odiolorgnette

"That's the point!"
Influenced by algebric topology and scientific concepts on abstract spaces, this work for pure electronic is a metaphoric piece around the ''fixed point theorems'' of Solomon Lefschetz, Bonislaw Knaster and Alfred Tarski...
An amazing mental piece in 37 parts dedicated to Japanese sound artist and experimental composer Ryoji Ikeda.

Franck Smith, Théorème de point fixe.
Composed & performed by Franck Smith
(electronic manoeuvrings)
Recorded in 2009, time 40:25, Ref: odl.9173-658
Released on Odiolorgnette"

Monday, November 30, 2009

sonicbrat silent audiographies

"silent audiographies <<静默的散文>> is a series of 12 minimalist sound and music expositions recorded over a period of one and a half years from 2008 to 2009; accompanied by 12 proses and passages written by sonicbrat, included in the download as a PDF booklet...

In the booklet, you will be able to find the instrumentation of each track... which include doepfer A100 modular synthersizer, max/msp, reaktor 5, plogue bidule, piano, vintage magnus organ, guitar, melodica, xylophone, electronic noises, found sounds, field recordings, acousmatics and various reed instruments."

Do check this one out. Really beautiful music.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

WMRI - Moon Events

via WMRI on the forum:

"This one is the latest release, recording of first streaming radio live, mostly improvised. Track 4 is bonus studio track.

Listen here:

Download here:
MP3: Part 1
FLAC: Part 1 Part 2"

Monday, November 23, 2009


"Legendary 70's / 80's German synth masters Gerhard Schreck, Max Richter and Hans Ulrich-Buchloch create sequenced / atmospheric / melodic EM which many describe as "more Tangerine Dream than Tangerine Dream themselves". Also see artist Max van Richter."

Click here to check out some of the tracks.
via Mr. Array of Ocean Orbit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday afternoon.wmv

YouTube via skoulaman
"A sunday afternoon synthesizer session played by Skoulaman (formely known as Skoulariki). Used gear : Korg Lambda, Roland Juno 106, Kawai K1r, Yamaha CX5M, DX27, Waldorf micro Q, Yamaha E1005, E1010, Alesis nanoverb, Fostex 3180 (spring reverb), Lexicon mpx100, Ibanez dm1000."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Capatcha EP

YouTube via dyLAB0303
"these are 5 tracks from my Capatcha EP you can buy the ep on bandcamp"

Friday, November 20, 2009

L4 MoRt O TrOuSS3S

YouTube via axc909
"Dark dark dark ^^
Comme dab"

Diesseits Jenseits -Marcel Hermann

YouTube via Korgator
"this is my first collaboration with a script writer.Your Name is Marcel Hermann."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vesica Piscis - Caramel Dots (2008)

Download Here

"Recorded in the Dub Room @ Vesica Piscis Cathedral, Flagstaff, Arizona, by Carrie Ann & Kendall, Spring and Summer 2008.
Many of these pieces were originally composed and performed for Closet Drama, a play by John Caswell, Jr. for Progressive Theatre Workshop.

Post-production and mastering by anomos.
Cover art lampwork by Lluvia Brito. Photography by anomos.

Dedicated to Lalasa-Alamea.

This audio is part of the collection: Open Source Audio"

Gear: "Mostly a frac rack modular synth, with a little help from Sequential Circuits Six-Trak and Yamaha TX81Z."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zoobomb tracks Part 1

YouTube via inducejack
"Portland Zoobombing beat tracks made with akai ax 60, mfb 522 , Roland TR 626 and korg poly 800"

Zoobomb Track Pt2

"Portland Zoobombing to some jak beats made with xoxbox future retro revolution mfb 522 Roland tr 626"

Zoobomb Track Pt3

"Portland Zoobombing adventures beats made with xoxbox future retro revolution tr 626 akai ax60 mfb 522"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

" TALOS " Elektronic Impressionen

YouTube via Korgator
"Record: Zoom H4n; Picture:Terragen1; Movie: Windows Movie Maker"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Carbon111 No Time

You can find the track on Carbon111.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Novocaine For The Soul by Moog Cookbook

YouTube via TobiasMakesNoise
"A remix of the great song by Eels, possibly one of my favorite tracks of all time. Couldn't find it anywhere on youtube so I decided to upload it myself."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breathing Machinery

"Korg Oasys does Piano and Wave Sequencing, Weird Pads are NI's Absynth and, except for some clickety bits from Digidesign's "Boom", all the Drum Sounds and Rhythm Beds were done in NI's Absynth as well. Vox is me thru a BLUE Blueberry."

Listen to the track on Carbon111

Friday, November 13, 2009

Th3 3nD 2012

YouTube via axc909. "Encore un ptit trip spatial ^^"

eject project "live in c.c.DOM 09.02.08"

YouTube via ejectproject
background pictures&live sound-A.Marto"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Retribution Body

"I've picked up a last-minute booking to do an in store performance at Weirdo Records in Cambridge on November 30th. Due to the (tiny) size of the venue, I won't be able to fall back on my traditional tropes of extremely low frequencies at extremely high volumes, so this will be a good chance to hear something a bit different from me. It's a small room, so there's no excuse not to fill it! I hope to see many of you there.

If you're not familiar with Weirdo Records and you're the kind of person who'd show up to one of my shows, you are missing out. It's a great shop, and well worth a visit if you are ever in Central Square.

See you on the 30th,

-Retribution Body"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

" Under Water "

YouTube via Korgator

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Phoenix - 1901 (Live on Letterman) 18 Juin 2009

YouTube via BadGones3169
"Phoenix - 1901
Live on Letterman
18 Juin 2009"

This one has been stuck in my head for a bit - been seeing it in the latest Cadillac commercial.
Anyone know what synths they use?


Glum-C - tip-tilt

YouTube via glumc
"AC Records first release:
The new label is a division of normally known for its analogue hardware clones) with a focus on promoting dark, electronic music by unknown artists. All tracks use analoge equipment of

A2 - `` tip-tilt``is a spacy acid groover of Glum-C.
The record comes in olive-coloured marbled vinyl and is limited to 150 records. "

dB_24 - electrotechnic-dub-mix

"B1+B2 are hard dancefloor tracks by dB24 (steve romani) from Lyon. Steve is a studio rat with a lot of music output."

Hteah - viva oliv

"A1 - ``viva olive`` is a dark psychoacoustic acid track by hteah via portland, oregon. his time at present is spent building his soundsystem and helping manifest semi autonomous free festivals. please see; via"

Di-Ko Wo-Ku (a50) - Muzik 4 Machines

YouTube via muzik4machines
iTunes store: Muzik 4 Machines

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pi3D D3D4nS

YouTube via axc909
"Du bon son bien psiké :)
Preparez vous a la fin du monde 2012 ^^"

Saturday, November 7, 2009


YouTube via vonhaulshoven. via the forum.

Graduale ... Akihiko Matsumoto (2009)

YouTube via akihikotube
"Graduale ... Akihiko Matsumoto (2009)"

Friday, November 6, 2009


YouTube via axc909
"Merci Phillipe pour tes conseils et tes riffs"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Nite Spotlight: Kraftwerk - Autobahn

KEXP has a write-up and audio documentary on Kraftwerk here.

Swimmng Alone - Lorne David Thomson

YouTube via ldtregent
"From "Swimming Alone" by - Lorne David Thomson. Download for free at net release PTNR 016.

LDT: Moog Little Phatty Stage II, Moog CP-251 Control Processor, Novation Bass Station, Emu Vintage Keys, Korg Kaoss Pad 3, Digitech Digidelay, Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazari, Sherman Filterbank.

Recorded on a Zoom MRS8. Mixed and rendered with Sony Sound Forge and Sony Acid Pro.

Video edited in Sony Vegas."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ran Kirlian - Dissolution

Free download and stream
"This album collects music from very different periods between years 2005 and 2009, mostly based on dark ambient and minimalist soundscapes and drones, sometimes based on improvisation. Some of the music included in this work was already published as videos on youtube, like Syrtis Major and Atmosfear.

Synthesizer gear used: Access Virus Indigo 2, Alesis Micron, Creamware Pro-12, Doepfer A-100 Custom Modular System, Korg MS2000, Korg Z1, Oberheim OB-12, Quasimidi Polymorph, Roland JD800, Roland JP8080

Other Sound sources includes bells, flutes, singing bowls, voices & treated found sounds"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I love his music. Pure magic.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Are You Here"

YouTube via Korgator

free von haulshoven album "autumn"

via von haulshoven on the forum:

"improvised sequencer music for over one hour, download it for free at enjoy the falling leaves"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Last Day of Summer - Lorne David Thomson

YouTube via ldtregent
"From "Swimming Alone" by - Lorne David Thomson. Download for free at net release PTNR 016.

LDT: Moog Little Phatty Stage II, Moog CP-251 Control Processor, Korg MicroKorg, Korg Kaoss Pad 3, Digitech Digidelay, Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazari.

Recorded on a Zoom MRS8. Mixed and rendered with Sony Sound Forge and Sony Acid Pro.

Video edited in Sony Vegas."

click here to download.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

coloring pad

"this coloring pad is...
a place to share my music (all available for free download here!), schematics, configurations, concepts, photos, upcoming live performances, influences, associated collaborations, and insignificant words with others."

H A L T by Alien Robot Dance

YouTube via se7ense7
"My latest song. I made a short clip for it, using Movie Maker (buggy as hell). At the end I got lazy and copy pasted the whole part...

It's all about the music anyway!

I used the Roland Juno 60, Roland JX3P and Yamaha AN200 for this song. Drums are sampled. Voice is from an old Bruno Groëning Casette (does anyone still use these?) I found at the local second hand store."

The Twilight Garden: Dead Adults.

YouTube via hexfix93
"Music Video for the song Dead Adults off A World We Pretend from the band The Twilight Garden. You can buy this CD here: . "

The Twilight Garden: A World We Pretend : LP Sampler.

"A montage of music from the LP A World We Pretend from the band The Twilight Garden. The Main member of this band, is also a member of the Colorado based Electronic goth band Velvet Acid Christ. Twilight Garden sounds nothing like VAC thought. This is not even a side project of VAC. This is Todd Loomis's Solo project. Think alternative new wave, 80s, rock melancholy. David Bowie meets NIN meets The Legendary Pink Dots."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Venetian Snares - Wisp - Surachai

YouTube via thedeepelement
"October 23rd 2009 - Reggie's Rock Club - Chicago, IL. Venetian Snares & Wisp Tour with Surachai opening."

Pepe "Oxymoron" - BOSS Looper Contest 2009

YouTube via wwwPepeMusicDE. via Michael.
"Mit diesem Song habe ich das Finale des BOSS Looper Contest 2009 erreicht. Am 22.10.2009 musste ich in der Prinzenbar in Hamburg gegen 11 weitere Kandidaten antreten. Es hat leider nicht für einen Sieg gereicht, die Beatboxer standen höher im Kurs. Wenn ich das Video vom Finale habe, werde ich es ebenfalls hochladen."

"With this song I've reached the final of the BOSS Looper Contest 2009. On 22.10.2009, I had the Prinzenbar in Hamburg to compete against 11 other candidates. It has unfortunately not enough for a win, the beatboxer was higher in the course. If I have the video of the finals, I'll upload it too."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

R151NG SnN M3Lc0m3

YouTube via axc909

Friday, October 23, 2009

Velvet Acid Christ: Caustic Disco, Mindless Faith Mix.

YouTube via hexfix93
"This is so fucking bad ass. This remix is the bomb. This is a club hit. This video kicks ass. Please Link to this blog entry and get everyone to watch it. This lp and single are the best things I have done in ages. This is the proof. The new lp is half acoustic goth and half ebm trance ELECTRO. I love the Mindless Faith Remix, Mindless Faith Kicks ass, I will interview them soon. No Go Pre Order the new LP The Art Of Breaking Apart, and buy the single when it comes out. Peace out, Hexfix93 of Velvet Acid Christ.

Click the image below to pre order the new VAC LP
PS: Click here to check out my FACEBOOK account."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Alien Dream"

YouTube via Korgator
"Today I have provided these brilliant Fraktal pictures and therefore there came the thought to play music in addition a nice one."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tour de Mars - The Simonsound

YouTube via simonsound1
"The new single from The Simonsound. The A side 'Tour de Mars' is a cover of Kraftwerk's 'Tour de France' which soundtracks an imaginary journey into deep space, beyond the Moon and onwards to the red planet. Heavy drums, Moog synthesiser and spaced out FX supply a cosmic backdrop for the interplanetary message of goodwill delivered using the Vocoder.

The video footage is from Way Stations in Space.

Buy the single here -"

NASH THE SLASH - swing shift

YouTube via TheLittleDevil
"Electric mandolin/violin player and vocalist Nash The Slash (whose name comes from the 1927 Laurel & Hardy movie 'Do Detectives Think?') is well known for his instrumental soundtrack work and re-invention of classic rock cover tunes while his image, that of a bandaged, walking, Invisible Man has made him instantly recognizable. During a gig at The Edge in the late '70's to raise awareness of the threat from the Three Mile Island disaster, he walked on stage wearing bandages dipped in phosphorous paint and exclaimed: "look, this is what happens to you". The bandages became his trademark. Nash The Slash would put out a half dozen releases between 1980 and 1984 as writer, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and often times engineering and production. 'Children Of The Night' was produced by Steve Hillage and eventually became Nash's biggest selling solo record with estimates at 100,000 copies worldwide. And a fledgling engineer by the name of Daniel Lanois produced the single "Dance After Curfew" from the 'And You Thought You Were Normal' album. Nash The Slash's 1984 album 'American Bandages' would receive a CFNY-FM CASBY Award nomination for single of the year."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yuletronica - a GroovyJazzFunkyChillSmooth Holiday Music Suite now available

YouTube via mkdrum
" Please visit to purchase full length versions of this and
other selections from "Yuletronica".

from CD "Yuletronica" (2009) by Mark Drummond & Grooveometri.
"Yuletronica" is a smooth jazz and nouveau-soul suite of traditional holiday carols and songs,
re-imagined with contemporary arrangements and textures.

Produced & recorded by Mark Drummond (electric/acoustic guitars, synthesizers, sound design)
© 2009, Mark Drummond Creative

Mark Drummond Creative produces and licenses original musical content to performers,
organizations, businesses and broadcasters.

For licensing, contact


Thursday, October 8, 2009

071009 01152 GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!

YouTube via axc909

BpWB3 2 B455

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Desaturated Life - Chrominance Zero

YouTube via chrominancezero
" HD:
iTunes store:

Chrominance Zero is a minimal project from Quebec city, Canada. Performing Live with hardware sequencers and synthesizers, it creates a plethora of sounds ranging from electro to drum and bass, always with the same minimalist modus operandi; Distorted analog and punchy sampled drums, a few monophonic tracks, lots of effects and constant sonic mangling and tweaking.

The project was started in 2007 when TB moved to Quebec city and uncovered all of his hardware in the storage and decided to use them back instead of performing with computers

The music can be described as minimal techno, with some hints at groovy house and some deviations towards Drum and Bass

Chrominance Zero is now producing new material, performing it live, and distributing it via bit torrent, youtube and a multitude of online MP3 stores (iTunes, Amazon, DJTunes)

gear used

Korg ESX1: All Sequences/Drums

Yamaha TX81z: Reverby/Pumpy Sawtooth Bass (chain:TX81z-Boss V-Wha-Akai MFC42-DBX266 ch2 (Compression/distortion)-Alesis Nanoverb-DBX266 ch1 (pump)--Mixer)

Roland MKS50: Hoover/Saw/Lead/Pumpy Synth (Chain MKS50-DBX266-Boss SL20-Zoom RFX2200-Mixer)

Clavia Nord Micro Modular: Synth, bass, arpegios, pads, chords

Redsound SoundBite Pro: Vocals/looping

Korg Kaoss pad 2: Tempo Delay

Korg Kaoss Pad 3: Loops, Looper(snare rolls), Grainshifter

Korg Kaossilator: Noise Sweeps (path: K01-Mini KP(Delay)-Mixer)

Korg ER1: Distorted Beatbox AND sidechain signal (Chain: left out-ProCo Turbo Rat-Dimebag Wha-Mixer)

DX200: Fm E-piano, pads, 303-esque sequences, etc (Chain: Left Out-Boss DD5 delay-Mixer)

Motu Midi Mixer 7s: My mixer, controlled by the BCF2000)

Kawai Midi Patchbay:Guess

DBX MC 6: Output Compressor

NOT used:
a computer, besides recording it; no edition"

Monday, October 5, 2009

Intervision-Monte Vista Talent Show 1987 - Depech Mode Cover

YouTube via djjeffb
"At the beginning, notice the perfectly executed tension of the Super VHS Tape. Brilliant!"

via Pea Hicks:
"late 80s san diego depeche mode tribute band... i remember seeing them play at a house party once back in the day... mostly ensoniqs..."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sonic Boom does Kraftwerk

YouTube via spacemetalizer
"Here he is! Finally, after many years, I got a chance to see the great Pete Kember (aka Sonic Boom, formerly of Spacemen 3)... I filmed this at the Toronto record store Sonic Boom, in their basement where he did a 3 song set- February 4, 2008.
The tune is 'Hall of Mirrors' by Kraftwerk."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)

YouTube via melodysheep
"A musical tribute to two great men of science. Carl Sagan and his cosmologist companion Stephen Hawking present: A Glorious Dawn - Cosmos remixed. Almost all samples and footage taken from Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Stephen Hawking's Universe series.

RIP Dr. Sagan, you will be missed!!

Please, click HQ to watch in better quality.

Go here to download the track:

And my website for more original music:

lyrics in vid description here

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ensaio da Diversitronica

Ensaio da Diversitronica from William Paiva on Vimeo.
"Ensaio da Diversitronica em setembro de 2009, agora com dois bateristas."

"The Night Before" New Version

YouTube via Korgator. "new upload without sturgeon noises"

Porcupine Tree - Kneel and Disconnect - The Incident (New Album)

YouTube via UnchainedShalott
"From Porcupine Tree's new album, the Incident.
Hope you guys enjoy.

x * Steven Wilson - vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer * Richard Barbieri - keyboards, synthesizer, programming * Colin Edwin - bass guitar * Gavin Harrison - drums"

Friday, September 18, 2009

analog resistance

analog resistance

vids here

sounds and more on site

ACID on SoudCloud

via dyLAB on the forum:

"if you love the sound of the tb303 then check out these two groups on soundcloud for a great acid fix:

enjoy the acid"

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ambient Collective present... The Serene Files (Free DL)

via the forum
"01 - Mt. Sand (by Mooma)
02 - Monoid (by Eigensphere)
03 - Planetary Conjunction (by Modulator ESP)
04 - Serene (by Bluejooz)
05 - Haze (by Michael Meara)
06 - In the Company of Clouds (by Altus)
07 - COSSS (by usr/sbin)
08 - Compersion (by Echosyn)
09 - (by Nimmo / Fosel)
10 - Long Winters End (by EchoMatrix)
11 - Serene Mix (Full Special Mix by Bluejooz)
available free from:"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Feeling of happiness"

YouTube via Korgator

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Dolphin Ride" Abend-Impressionen III

YouTube via Korgator

Saturday, September 5, 2009


YouTube via polyklinik87
"emu procussion, waldorf blofeld, korg electribe em-1, minimal live act"

Three oh Three - Liable Mutt

Free album on Dan303
"The whole album was recorded on my Fostex D-80 8-track and mixed roughly with a basic Tapco mixer 8 channel mixer. There was no computers involved in the production.

My Roland MC303 groovebox provided all drum and percussion sounds on the album, using mostly the 808 and 909 kits.

Most of the basslines were produced using my Freeform Analog Technologies FB383 [clone of the Roland TB303].

All other synth sounds came from my Korg Microkorg [apart from the strings on "Sax Track" which came from the MC303].

For effects like reverb and distortion I used my korg Mini KP, Boss MD2 and Boss DS1."


Spaace Maan an unwelcome visitor on MTR

YouTube via scmp888. via Juergen

Morning rush hour on the MTR has never been this lively, with passengers on the Island line treated to the unusual sight of a visitor from outer space boarding their train.

Dressed in his distinctive astronaut outfit and accompanied by his trademark 80s ghetto blaster, music producer/DJ Spaace Maan blasted out his own brand of retro-futuristic electro-pop for morning commuters.

However the fun ended when the DJ returned to Central station, where MTR staff and police were waiting to detain Spaace Maan. After being detained for approximately three hours, Spaace Maan was eventually released."

Tori Amos - Tara Busch Remix Part1

YouTube via Tarabusch
"Tori gets the Tara Busch and Analogsuicide treatment. Tori Is probably my favorite artist of all time so I don't really have to mention what a privilege it is to be asked to remix her music."

Tori Amos - Tara Busch Remix Part2 (Beautiful Piano)

"Tori Amos - Tara Busch Remix Part2
I spent a lot of time with Tori's incredible piano files."

Friday, September 4, 2009

MVI 1252

YouTube via cjay1027. via Dex. also see this post.
"My band, Northern Labour Party, playing August 21st, 2009. Synths include Alesis Andromeda and Moog Voyager. Rockman analog delay on Voyager."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

Folding Space - Lunar Transit

YouTube via OculoRapido
"Audio from premix track 1 of Analog Planetfall, with lunar transit test sequence shot by a 5 megapixel imager and Celestron C130 MAK Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. Drone space created with Blacet/MetalBox/Wiard/Cynthia modular synthesizer systems. Produced by Doktor Bob at Rapid Eye Soundlabs. Copyright 2009, Robert B. Trelease,. The bright side of the moon as seen in autumn."

Short Beat 7

YouTube via Xolin11
"I wish I still had a working (.flp) file to finish this...well I got some good feedback from others, so I decided to upload it.

A short beat sampled from the "Surfing" theme in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

franck vigroux solo performance at the white box gallery NYC - 1

YouTube via fretless. via Carlos:
"here is a new video of franck vigroux perforling live with his analogue equipment : MFB synth 2, Schippman filter, electribe exs,"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chainsaw Rosary - The Secret Name of God

"This is Chainsaw Rosary's 14 track demo The Secret Name of God."


The Who The Relay Live, OGWT, 1973

YouTube via smills2112
"The Who perfrom "The Relay" live on "The Old Grey Whistle Test", 1973."

Moogulator at Electronic Attack 2009 Community Party Track "Tworld"

YouTube via Moogulator
"Moogulators Album "The Digital Anatomist Project" available via or

here's Moogulator at Electronic Attack 2009 Community Party Track "Tworld" live"

Moogulator @ Electronic Attack Party 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

"This one's for my dad.
Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory footage.
Visit for more info and credits.
Kingdom of the unreal but also a higher state of being, ultimately free of the limitations of the material world through the agency of science, technology, and imagination."

ARIANO FOLKFESTIVAL 2009 - Nortec Collective : Bostich+Fussible

YouTube via pepemogt
"Ariano is the happiest place on earth, like Tijuana!
ps. Check the Human Vocoder at the end of the clip...

Camera 1 : Jacques Hasson
Camera 2 : Don Trini
Live Crew: Ramon Amezcua(Electronics), Pepe Mogt(Electronics), Gustavo Medina(The Trompet Player), Juan Tellez(Acordeon) and Ernesto Aello(visuals)
Tour Manager:Jacques Hasson"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moog Little Phatty Stage II with Moog CP-251 at sound check Harold

YouTube via ldtregent
"A short, badly recorded video of the Little Phatty at sound and light check for Harold's August 22nd 2009 House Party Gig. The CP-251 Control Processor is sending CV to the Little Phatty's filter."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bruce Haack: Party Machine (Haackula, 1978)

YouTube via partyshampoo. "Nothing serious... Only a great Haack track."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

8-bit trip

YouTube via rymdreglage
"1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

khoral - Strawberry Blonde

"Pop/electro with a touch of funk, mostly done with Moog Little Phatty, Microkorg and too many freeware softsynths that I can recall...
All details on my blog.

Anchorsong with Live Drums (Kennnn from SOUR) - Set The Bears Free

YouTube via yohage
"This performance was filmed at Tukimiru Kimi Omou in Tokyo on 15th March 2009."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pc muñoz - "Family Matters" (HD version)

YouTube via talkinghouse
"Music video for "Family Matters" by pc muñoz, from the album "Grab Bag" on Talking House Records.
Directed by Alex Muñoz.
Featuring the great Dr. Fink on keyboards!"
Prince and the Revolution synth wiz Dr. Fink plays all the keyboards on this track.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Pradera" by Pepe Mogt(Nortec Collective, Fussible)

YouTube via pepemogt
"Here is a film i did walking around in Stockholm. Enjoy.

Music and Film by Pepe Mogt
Equipment used: RozzBox, Tenori-on, Oberheim Four Voice, Reaktor 4 and Nikon D90."

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Choir" II

YouTube via Korgator

Mozzaratti - Emergence (Hyoushi Remix)

YouTube via Xolin11
"Buy the song here:
This is a song that took me about a week to finish. I tried to make a video showing the sequence. Didn't turn out too well... :)
Anyways, tell me what you think of it (I would really apperciate criticism as I am 13 with only 11 months of experience. ^_^)."