Friday, June 26, 2009

Gustavo Santaolalla

via John

"there's a minimoog everywhere!!!. ...picture of Argentinian composer Gustavo Santaolalla, I found and scanned from a sunday mewspaper. In his left side, is visible a Minimoog.


Dimmu Borgir

flickr by by Vanessa Decampos
April 30, 2008
The Culture Room
Fort Lauderdale - Florida
The Invaluable Darkness Tour II
Legions Of The Chosen Few

via poler303

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ocean Orbit on WNUR tonight

via Mr. Array

"My bandmate and I will be on Northwestern University's WNUR radio station tonight. We're scheduled to play a couple of our songs live, and then the rest will be broadcast from pre-recorded material. We're scheduled to go on at 11:30 PM Central time, if you want to listen in to the live webcast:" Update 10:05PM: they are on now.
Be sure to see this vid later, and of course:

Alka New Release - A Dog Lost In The Woods

"new full length release on EE records, "a dog lost in the woods".

On Amazon

EMS Synthi AKS

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hard-FI: Rockin The city Podcast 26 "THE SWEAT FILES"

YouTube via hardfiband. via JZ. DSI Prophet '08 comes in at 1:43.
"Hear brand new Hard-Fi music in the latest episode of the Rockin The City podcast."

Jerusalem - Electronic tomita style

YouTube via paulshillitomusic
"Jerusalem - Electronically reworked for the 21st century, the Hubert Parry classic hymn but without the words, which many think is or should be the national anthem (the original, not mine, though I would like that ! :-).

After I had made the music and was wondering what to put on the video, I had the idea to do something a little different and instead of the normal celebration of the long gone days of empire and grassy fields, to make it a celebration of the modern day Great Britons that have influenced millions of lives around the world in one way or another.

The list is in no particular order though is was drawn from the top 100 Greatest Britons survey conducted by the BBC in 2002, I have included the following on the basis of their contribution to the 20th-21st centuries, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Francis Crick and James Watson, Sir Antony Hopkins, J.K Rowling, John Lennon, John Logie Baird, John Peel, Sir Frank Whittle, Paul McCartney, J.R.R Tolkien, Prof Stephen Hawkings, Sir Tim Burners-Lee, Alan Turing, Sir David Attenborough, Sir Robert A Watson-Watt, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Alexander Fleming, Diana Princess of Wales and finally the Unknown Soldier for all those who fell to keep Britain Great.

There where many more that could be included but with just 2:27 seconds I couldn't put them all in.

The music was created and arranged on computer using Cubase 4 with varous soft synths including Moog Modular V, Jupiter 8V and Omnisphere with styling cues from Isao Tomita and ELP."

Debussy Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum (Tomita Style)

" Debussy Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum recreated electronically in a Isao Tomita style, with of course my own take on it.

I was not that familiar with this piece until recently but the more i listened the more i liked it and it works well with synth sounds so after a few days of arranging, here it is.

My wife thought that the piece reminded her of falling leaves, so for the want of a better idea the forest montage was used and it seems to work though I'm sure a purest somewhere would disagree.

Sequenced and audio mixed on Cubase 4 using Omnisphere, Arturia's Analogue factory and NI FM8 soft synths, then uploaded in 1280 x 720 HD format which keeps the audio sounding better."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Acid Alert - Traffic Jam

YouTube via dodddigital.
"Acid Alert - Traffic Jam
Analog production from Oliver Dodd
TR-808 TB-303 SH-101 TR-707"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Subway II

via Zachary via BLEEP: "Soul Jazz's very own in-house electronic disco group Subway return with their first full length album since 2005's 'Empty Head' set. The list of equipment used to fashion this album includes an enviable roll call of Roland Jupiter 6, Korg MS20, Univox SR55, Roland MKS80, and a Moog Prodigy alongside the usual guitars, drums and tape loops proving that these guys are a fully analog outfit. there's no radical departure from their previous sound, sticking to what they do best with intuitive dancefloor jams and spacey head-music sounding like they could have come from any point between the late 70's and today with elements of NYC avant-disco, Krautrock, German electronics, Radiophonic ephemera and proto house sculpted into a unique sound. Recommended!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Suicide Lane - City Skies 09

via Suicide Lane:
"Live set from last Saturday at City Skies has posted [here]

Much much respect to Jim Combs for keeping up this monthly event as it gives electronic music performers a chance to go out and play. Looking at past events, there are quite some big names that performed there. Even better, thevenue is just about a mile from my house.

Gear used: Moog LPTE, Elektron MonoMachine, Jomox XBase 09, TC Nova Delay, Korg KP3, Mackie 1402.

Photos can be seen here"

Juan Maclean

full interview on Resident Advisor
"RA continues its new feature series, Machine Love, with a look into the working methods of a man devoted to hardware: The Juan Maclean.

The Juan Maclean just released his second full-length album, The Future Will Come, earlier this month. His history goes far beyond the two albums he's released since 2005 under that moniker, however. John Maclean's music career started in earnest in 1992 when Sub Pop signed an up-and-coming post-punk synth rock band from Rhode Island called Six Finger Satellite. Maclean got his start as a guitar player, helping to create a sound which to this day is lauded for its forward-thinking fusion of electronic and post-punk."

via Brandt: "I saw this band live in Chicago on Tuesday night, and they're really fantastic. The 'live' sidebar is hilarious and essential reading for any synth enthusiast."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raglani Interview and Call for Help on Stolen Gear

This is a bit of a double post. First there is a great interview on Raglani in the River Front Times here. The article covers Raglani's use of synths. It also covers a very unfortunate event.

"On May 16, as Raglani was beginning his first U.S. tour at Brooklyn's experimental-music festival No Fun Fest, his van was burglarized and all of his electronic gear — synthesizers, effects pedals, speakers, merch and more, all valued at nearly $10,000 — disappeared while Raglani stopped for dinner.

Any musician or artist can sympathize with the devastation that accompanies such a loss; the sentimental value of losing, say, your first electric guitar or a journal full of sketches is normally as great as the financial hit. But for a musician like Raglani, who uses vintage analog synths alongside newer (and pricey) boutique gear, these instruments can't be replaced with a trip to Guitar Center."

The following is the list of gear that was stolen with serial numbers. If you spot any, contact Raglani at or at pegasusfarmsrecords at Of course check out the site for his music as well. And be sure to check out the interview.

Moog Voyager Old School White Wash # OS0217
Moog VX-351 Expander with cable
Sequential Circuits Pro One (J-Wire) #3775
TWO Traynor KB-4 Keyboard amps # 8091747, 8119734 (Raglani stenciled in white on bottom)
Flower Electronics Little Boy Blue Deluxe Custom build modular synth with wood sides. Discontinued- Legacy edition (notes written in marker on front panel)
3ms (4MS) Noise Swash Pedal. Silver
Boss Super Shifter (blue pedal)
Boss Re-20 SPACE ECHO PEDAL # 0685725341
SONY walkmen (black with eq on front)
Behringer 12 channel Mixer (silver)
Moog Ring Modulator moogerfooger pedal
Line 6 DL4 delay modeler. (number 2 written in marker on left hand side)
Shure Microphone beta 51
Moog Micromoog with flight case
Moog Lowpass filter moogerfooger pedal
Frostwave resonator filter pedal
Akai Headrush pedal
Boss Graphic EQ (white Pedal)
E.H. Small Stone Phaser pedal.
Behrenger xenix mixer
Mac Powerbook Laptop with black cloth case
Crucial Gizmo 8GB
Garmin GPS nuvi 205 ppp# 502264
DJ case with new headphones and tools. All my patch cords. Including several expensive adaptors and color cables.
Pelican Transport Case (model 1650)
Moog Voyager Road Case (Raglani stenciled in Black)
Pedal Board case
Sennheiser headphones (model hd280pro)

Update via fluxmonk in the comments:
"Also: Steve Hauschildt from Emeralds had his stuff stolen at the same time:
Moog Micromoog with flight case
Moog Lowpass filter moogerfooger pedal
Frostwave resonator filter pedal
Akai Headrush pedal
Boss Graphic EQ (white Pedal)
E.H. Small Stone Phaser pedal.
Behrenger xenix mixer
Various cables and adaptors

Bigtime drag for some super nice guys. keep an eyeball peeled... "

Queen Of Swords - Live at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London 21/1/09

YouTube via QOSband
"First few minutes of the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen set, opening for Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man on 21st January 2009. Filmed by N. von Stieglitz."

"Queen Of Swords - Live at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London.

First few minutes of the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen set, opening for Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man on 21st January 2009.

Synth Geek notes: Performance features ARP Axxe, Doepfer Modular suitcase, Korg MS-10 and various Max/MSP synthesis patches."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sasquatch Singers

"We use a Roland HS 60 synth plus live, a fender rhodes, a casio mt 400v, and actually just started using a software midi arpegiator that was posted on your blog for the roland."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Northern Labour Party - Failure Won't Fail Me

Northern Labour Party - Failure Won't Fail Me from shea formaneck on Vimeo.

via Dex
"Here is the newly completed video for my band, Northern Labour Party. The song features MiniMoog Voyager and Andromeda, but only the Voyager is in the video"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Haunted Beard

via pizza puke: "Haunted Beard ( just played two back-to-back shows as a part of Music Waste (http://musicwaste), a local festival here in Vancouver. Here are some pictures of our performance on June 11 at the Biltmore Cabaret.

Justin Patterson (left) uses a microphone going through a suitcase full of effects pedals, Elmo's Rock & Roll Guitar, a mini electric guitar, and a Casio DG-10. Ben Jacques (middle) plays a MicroKorg running through a Kaoscillator and a distortion pedal, a Boss SP-404, bass drum and hi-hat. Tom Whalen (right) plays an Alesis Micron.

-pizza puke"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Richard Lainhart Streaming Live Online @ Summer Solstice 09

"Friends: on Saturday, June 20, at 9PM EDT (Sunday, June 21, 1AM GMT) I'll be joining 23 other performers from seven countries on's Summer Solstice 09 Online Streaming Concert. To mark the solstice, I'll be performing a live hour-long set of One Sound music for electric guitar and lapsteel processed with Kyma and laptop.

For more information on connecting to the stream and a listing of the performers: link

To find your local time: link

I hope you can tune in.

photo by Treavor Hastings

Richard Lainhart"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feel the Beat 09 :: Huba&Silica + Piloy Live! parte 2

YouTube via roedor2
"Huba&Silica en vivo, con visuales de Piloy, en Feel the Beat (06.06.09), fiesta de tercer aniversario de, con la presentación especial de DRUMSOUND."

via Ernesto:
"Saludos desde Costa Rica. I love the site!!! And just uploaded a video of my live act to the forum.

There's an amazing growth of the electronic music scene in my country and latin america in general. I would be amazing if you could showcase it on the page. See ya!"

ZANOV Moebius 256 French Synth 1977 Pierre Zalkazanov

YouTube via cosmocorps2000
"ZANOV "MOEBIUS 256" France, 1977

Composed by Pierre Zalkazanov (ZANOV)
Produced by Alain Gross
Synthesizers & Sequencers:
ARP 2600, EMS VCS 3, RMI Harmonic Synthesizer & ARP Sequencer all instruments played by Zanov
Keyboards and ARP Synthesizers from Gaffarel Musique Paris"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Have Me

YouTube via kenzie2029. via Mackenzie in the comments of this post.
"All characters are me with a collection of my instruments.

These are the lyrics:
You, only you, have a hold on me.

Drums: Yamaha DD-5 Drum Synth
Synth Guitar: The Key "looks like a keytar but its better"
Bass Guitar: Ibanez SD GR
Laptop Computer: Compaq
Mini Keyboard: Casio

Made by M. England at"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Knox Bronson - Deus Sex Machina

YouTube via atombee. NSFW image below, scroll fast if needbe! :)
"Video installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, featuring "3 Seconds Before Maia Smiled" and "Ubi Mel Ibi Apes (Where there is honey, there are bees)." This was the "seventies" segment ... I was there, don't remember too much. Both of these songs are on the cd 'Deus Sex Machina.'"

via Knox Bronson:
"just released a new cd, 'Deus Sex Machina' - all very electronic instrumentals"

on amazon
on itunes

You can see two videos that used two of the songs as part of an installation at sf moma here [one of the two vids above]

You can find three tracks at:

Ernst Horn

Helium Vola, Saber d'amor

YouTube via infuntilov
"From their new double-album "Fuer euch, die ihr Liebt".
Pictures from a concert at "Digital-Analog-Festival", Munich, (Gasteig, Carl Orff Saal), November 2007
Sabine Lutzenberger..."

via flight
"Ernst Horn, my favorite composer, just released his latest album with his project Helium Vola. Here's a link to their video page.

Here's a snippet of his bio:
'The studied and qualified percussionist, pianist and conductor Ernst Horn and his colleague Alexander Veljanov are combining as “Deine Lakaien” melancholy and avant-garde, acoustic sounds and electronic in a completely new and independent way. Surprisingly, with this concept, which is far from usual habits and recipes for success of the music industry, the project regularly reached top ten chart placements. The former orchestra leader for opera, operetta and theatre composer additionally created albums about the gulf war and the German reunification, with audio collages about armament, futurism and monetarism. A unique combination of documentary, satire and music. Ernst Horn already produced the first two albums of the band Qntal. With Helium Vola he combines the above-mentioned two elements with lyrics, mainly from the medieval period and creates new exciting electronic avant-garde, the instrumental and vocal art of the early music. Both albums, Helium Vola and Liod, are considered as unique artworks, visionary, highly professional and far from simple “crossover” material.'"

récolte - Franck Vigroux

YouTube via fretless
"music and film by franck vigroux , release september 09"
"unreleased track by D'Autres Cordes records artist Franck Vigroux was made using only Dave Smith Mopho and TR 808"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lainhart Film "LUX" at DIGit 2009

"Richard Lainhart's digital film "LUX" has been accepted for screening and for consideration for the Excellence in Digital Arts Awards at 2009DigitExposition, June 12-14, 2009, in Narrowsburg, NY.

LUX is an abstract HD film animated in After Effects. The soundtrack, "The Beautiful Blue Sky", is a realtime electronic synthesizer improvisation for Buchla 200e and Haken Continuum. LUX was recently shown with a different live soundtrack at New York Soundscapes, part of the Ear To The Earth 2008 festival in New York City in October, 2008."

Richard Lainhart


YouTube via Linyude. "underground"

Front 242 - Geometry for ears promo trailer

YouTube via alfamatrix. via Daniel
" Daniel and Patrick from Front 242 will perform an Art & Strategy concert with original soundtrack in Surround at the Grand-Hornu site (Mons-Belgium) on 26th of July June 09. This place is an old industrial site with a fascinating atmosphere... The performance is purely sound architecture (very little light support) - based on a sculptural sound animation of the space. Entrance is 10 Euros and includes a visit of the Museum. Evening starts at 18h30 - concert at 21h00."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Xelius Project "Xelius Lullaby" (medley with Kraftwerk's song "radioland")

YouTube via albatronia
"A tribute song from Xelius Project to Kraftwerk 's song "Radioland".
More info at :"

via UniQue Werkx
"Xelius Project uses all analog synths, even a homemade vocoder and an actual built from scratch modular synth.

Xelius Project also had Henning Schmitz from Kraftwerk, mix their new album (due out any time).

Henning Schmitz has his own studio called X.1

Friday, June 5, 2009

UASSO teaser 2

YouTube via lesingemonotone
"Uppsala Analog Synthesizer Symphonic Orchestra will perform as opening act at Volt festival the 6th of june 2009 in Uppsala, Sweden.
Read more about UASSO and Volt at:"

via /kroffe
"Tomorrow, the 6 of june, Uppsala Analog Synthesizer Symphony Orchestra will perform as part of the opening ceremony of the Volt festival at UKK in Uppsala, Sweden. The piece that will be performed is called VASS, Volt Analogue Synthesizer Symphony and is written by Erik Möller, Kristofer Ulfves and Mario Pierro."

Thursday, June 4, 2009


"Nightsatan is a three piece synthesizer band from Turku Finland. They call their own music lasermetal and refuse to use any loops or pre programmed sequences. Everything you hear is played live. Drums are played on Roland SPD-series drumpads and numerous synthesizers are played through evil distortion pedals. On the cover of their first single (Steel Diamond) they feature Moog Source, Casio DG-20 and Yamaha KX-5."

mp3 download

Update: also see for the 7"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

franck vigroux from "me madame (good news from wonderland"

YouTube via fretless
"D'Autres Cordes records 5002, Franck Vigroux & Matthew Bourne , voice Annabelle Playe"
gear Jomox filter, tr 808, mfb synth lite 2

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cloud People - Scallion Pancake Dub

YouTube via batonamusic. via alka. Micromoog makes an appearance.
"Video for Scallion Pancake Dub. Taken from Cloud People's debut EP, "A Wild Feeling", out now on Batona Music.

Shot on location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Directed and produced by Todd Steponick.
Additional production by Nice Looking Designs."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Disasteradio Tour Diaries Day 03 part 2

YouTube via Disasteradio
Come to SHOWS in Europe!
Tour dates here:"