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edith lettner und martin kratochwil improvised 1 - 5

YouTube Published on May 10, 2012 by pianoloft

"free improvised music with sax-player edith lettner and martin kratochwil, useing roland gaia synth and a piano, recorded at the 3raumanatomietheater in vienna."

Qonquer Death - Just Watch EP

"Qonquer Death - Just Watch EP"

Electro-Funk EP released by God Made Us Fonky Records.

Dagda's Arp EP

"Dagda's Arp EP is the first collaboration between European musicians Zoë Blade and PIG. These low tech mixes are a stark contrast to the forthcoming album's clean versions, replacing the glossy softsynth parts with a multitracked Doepfer A-100 for a grittier, raw feel. From clangourous homebrewed drums made out of repurposed household objects, to modular analogue synthesiser parts, to bittersweet orchestral strings, this is a quirky, innovative release that spans a wide range of sounds. It is unashamedly amateur and experimental, proving once more that passion and experimentation win out over received wisdom."

For Those About To Techno… by Mercurius FM

The new EP by Mercurius FM "For Those About To Techno..." is a 5 track techno record stuffed to gills with crushing drums & synths. It is the follow-up to Mercurius FM's 2011 release, "1997".

Mercurius FM has been previously supported by seminel dance artists such as Justice, MSTRKRFT, Felix Da Housecat, Acid Jack and more... This EP will continue the trend of loud blaring techno in clubs. Best of all... it is totally FREE.

Track list:
1. Sentinel (Original Mix) 03:56
2. 909 In My Spine ft Defblindmute (Original Mix) 04:58
3. Unicorn Techno (Original Mix) 03:30
4. Death Wobble (Original Mix) 04:56
5. Juggernaut (Original Mix) 04:57

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This Thing We Must Do, Never Knowing & One Second Before Nothing

YouTube Uploaded by JohnLRice on Apr 3, 2012

“A simple ‘live’ music performance featuring FantomXR (piano), 5U modular synth (noise, sequence, percussion, drone) and Pond5.com photos added later.”

One Second Before Nothing

Uploaded by JohnLRice on Apr 4, 2012

"If you had one second left to live, and everyone else along with all of mankind's history and achievements and the entire planet only had 1 second left, what would be your final thought? What would be most important to you? What would you wish you would have time for? What wrongs would you wish you could resolve? You most likely have a lot more than 1 second right now, so why are you not spending the time thinking about and acting on that which is truly important to you?"


YouTube Uploaded by maxwell schoenbaum on Apr 2, 2012

"Long lost KINGLOG, what was in his head had been misplaced, he had everything leftover and shelved. These diagrams of the North came to mind which row is the coldest row?



TR-707, Korg Radias, Electric Bass, Loop Pedal

Summer Requiem EP - Adam Pietruszko

"New EP from the creator of KNOBZ.NET!

These relaxing tracks were inspired by late summer/autumn in the countryside, where I moved lately.
They tell a story of how summer passed away...

Analog, modular synth sounds + nature sounds + some "traditional" stuff...


Altera Orbe - Ambient Music Label

Altera Orbe - Ambient Record Label by Altera Orbe

"Altera Orbe is an independent music label owned and managed by the ambient artists Ran Kirlian & Landru. It is mainly focused on the promotion and diffusion of space, electronic, tribal and dark ambient musical genres. Altera Orbe borns as a digital download division of ad21music label as they will focus exclusively on the release, distribution and mailorder sales of physical products from now on.

In our website (www.alteraorbe.com) you may find an online CD & Digital Download Store supporting the works and projects of the artists that belong to the label: Bruno Sanfilippo, Landru, Max Corbacho, Ran Kirlian and our partners from Relaxed Machinery record label. Our Digital Download products are offered both in high quality lossless FLAC files and MP3 files including a complete set of the Cover Artwork in a hi-resolution print ready format, all packaged in a single file for simpler and faster downloading with affordable prices."

The Klirrfaktor "AN4LOG" 100% modular album


More info @ www.klirrfaktor.com

Free download codes were available on P.


YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Feb 13, 2012

"it´s just sound. waves of sound, leaving the ground, dissolving shapes, loosing stability. sound is created with DEMENTIA DM-1 by AUDIBLE DISEASE, connected with RAINBOW MACHINE by EARTHQUAKER and a Delay. Get in the spaceship and take off !"



Electro Producer uses Vintage Synths to Create Modern Sounds
Seeks New Approaches to Success as an Independent Artist

Buzzing basses, searing pads, thick drums—it’s hard to imagine that the sounds on OPERATOR’s debut EP RHAAAWWWGH! were made with technologies that have been around since the 60s. But while some of the technology may be dated, the sound is not. By combining analog synths with new, digital technologies and utilizing a radical approach to dance music production, OPERATOR has created a unique brand of electro that he believes is more “human” than so much of today’s “digital sounds.”

OPERATOR’s business model also couldn’t be further from tradition. By releasing the EP on his own label—TriSqrSaw Records—and using the power of the web and social media as promotional tools, OPERATOR has blazed a trail for himself in the independent music marketplace. Indie artists are more empowered than ever nowadays, and OPERATOR is using that to his full advantage by working with Baseware, a division of Beatport that facilitates online distribution for independent artists.

With the help of his supporters, OPERATOR was also able raise enough money through the fundraising site Kickstarter.com to print a limited run of the EP on vinyl. The records will be available on his website, operator-­‐music.com. You can also join OPERATOR’s growing community through facebook, twitter, and soundcloud (links below.)

RHAAAWWWGH! also features remix artists from three continents, | vo§uru | from Russia, What Is Lost, originally from Italy, now based in Berlin, and Todd Barton from the US. OPERATOR met | vo§uru | (who will be featured on the B side of the vinyl release) on soundcloud. After hearing some of his productions, OPERATOR approached him about a remix.

“It attests to the power of the internet to bring people together who would probably otherwise never cross paths,” OPERATOR says. He believes that having such disparate producers adds a great variety and uniqueness to the EP and hopes to work with them again.

The man behind OPERATOR, Joel Henigson, started playing music at age eight, starting on piano and guitar before moving into songwriting and computer production. In 2009, he graduated Suma Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors of Music in Songwriting. Over the years he has become entrenched in electronic music production and works as a producer, performer, and teacher in Oregon. He owns his own studio, The Laboratory Music Studios, where he produces and writes.

TriSqrSaw Records was founded in 2011 as a home for OPERATOR and other likeminded independent artists. Featuring electro, techno, and other genres of electronic music, TriSqrSaw releases in digital formats as well as vinyl."

verstaerker "barrique ep"

You can find verstaerker's "barrique ep" as netaudio-download available on envizagae.de

Nicht Modern (Modular System & Voice Synth App for iPad)

YouTube Uploaded by TheKlirrfaktor on Jan 10, 2012

"Playing with my little modular system and the new Voice Synth App for iPad/iPhone.
Voice Synth doesn't support MIDI and the I/O of the Alesis iO Dock. So i used iRig & a preamp to connect the Blue Baby Bottle.
However - i think Voice Synth will be a lo of fun :)

Beats: MFB Schlagzwerg, + ART Pro Channel, WMD Geiger, Wasp Filter, 4ms Noise Swash +++
Bass 1: Din Sync OSC 303 + Malekko Wiard Borg Filter
Bass 2: Bubblesound uLFO + Division 6 Filtare SEII modulatet by MakeNoise Maths & TipTop Z8000
Sequence: Makenoise René + Hertz Donut + Doepfer A-199 + A-106-1 +T.C. D-Two

I hope you enjoy the track!

A hires photo of the patch: http://www.klirrfaktor.com/images/klirrfaktor_patch43_big.jpg

More at: http://www.klirrfaktor.com"

ADSR - Jonti (Stones Throw Records)

"Eclectic Stone's Throw artist Jonti joins us to talk about how he produced his debut album Twirligig,

Jonti is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist and has worked with the likes of Mark Ronson, Hodgy Beats, Santigold, Jon Wayne and more.

Featuring these - Moog Opus, Analogue Solutions Telemark, SP404, Launchpad, Digital Performer, Ableton Live, MAX/MSP visuals and other good stuff.

For more on Jonti head to stonesthrow.com/jonti

You can find a FREE Download of his latest album here.

For more on Tooths:
http://tooths.com.au/ for videos.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tooths.com.au

song on the fly with lilian fritz

YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Jan 11, 2012"

lilian fritz: vocals, lyrics,martin kratochwil: electronics,piano"songs on the fly" means creating songs out of the moment, without plan, just improvising. the music is recorded on tape directly. it is, what it is, no overdubs, no editing, that´s it.a celebration of the moment."Instruments: "Roland Gaia, Korg ER1, Omnichord by Folktek, Rota Synth, MAM AFB8, Alesis Philtre, Sherman Filterbank, Line 6 echo park and the electro piano Yamaha P-155."


YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Jan 20, 2012

"I think, the SHERMAN FILTERBANK is one of the best analog filters ever built. It owns a warm sound with a lot of possibilities of distortion and a great screaming resonance. It allows endless combinations of its components, so you can discover surpriseing results, also if you are very familiar to it. ROTA-SYNTH is a desktop analogue 8-step sequencer, coupled with a monophonic analogue synthesizer. It is very useful because of it´s intuitive handling. I like both instruments because of their unique and individual character. ENJOY!"

TRAX on eBay

"Book Of Fixed Stars" - by ekkoarkitekt (aka Anders Mortensen).

"Music for spacewalks and empty cities at night!The new album consists of a series of electronic instrumentals, which are created on some of the analog synthesizers of yesterday. These form a collection of soundpictures, that exists on the border between music and installation art. Interweaved sonic textures, where the shaping, structure and composition of sounds, are forming musical sculptures and organic spaces of sound.All music composed, produced and mixed by Anders Mortensen / ekkoarkitektInstruments used: Roland Jupiter 8, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-50, Minimoog Voyager and Eurorack Modular Synthesizer.Anders Mortensen is educated as a pianist and composer from the Conservatory Of Rythmic Music in Copenhagen, where he has studied with a.o. Django Bates and John Taylor." Book Of Fixed Stars by ekkoarkitekt
"Contact me (mail@andersmortensen.dk) if you´d like to buy the cd. Price is 15 USD worldwide shipping included. Payment via paypal. The album is also available for download on itunes or amazon."

Klirrfaktor: Modular Breakz (Modular System & MFB Schlagzwerg)

YouTube Uploaded by TheKlirrfaktor on Dec 19, 2011"Klirrfaktor: Modular Breakz (Modular System & MFB Schlagzwerg)Next patch with my little modular system. Starring:Vinyl-like noise: Zapp (DIY-Drum-Synth on the rigth)Drums: MFB SchlagZwergPads; Doepfer Dark Energy, LiveWire Dalek ModulatorFX-Bass: Doepfer A-196 PLL, Bubblesound VCOb, Doepfer A-106-1 Xtreme FilterBass: MakeNoise Wiard Wogglebug, WMD Gamma Wave SourceFX: Circuit Bent Korg Monotron, 4ms Noise SwashLead: Makenoise René, The Harvestman Hertz Donut, Bubblesound SEM 20 VSF, WMD Geiger Counter, MOTM E350 Resampling Mini Delay+++More at http://www.klirrfaktor.comKlirrfaktor"

KNOBZ.NET - Abandoned Train Yard

Newest KNOBZ.NET production.
Photos taken at an abandoned Train Yard in Siedlce, Poland.
GPS: 52°9'40.59"N / 22°16'13.73"E
Photos: nijanulu
Music & SFX: Adam Pietruszko
More videos at http://KNOBZ.NET

Klirrfaktor: Noise 'n' Rhythm (Modular System & Monotribe)

YouTube Uploaded by TheKlirrfaktor on Dec 9, 2011

"Klirrfaktor: Noise 'n' Rhythm (Modular System & Monotribe)

Maybe the patch is to heavy but finally i had to record it :D

The Drone-Sound was made with Livewire Dalek Modulator, Bubblesound SEM20 V|S|F, MOTM E580
Drums: MFB Schlagzwerg & 4ms Noise Swash.
Bass-Line: Din SynC OSC303 + Division6 Filtare SEIII

More @ http://www.klirrfaktor.com


Kickstarter--OPERATOR EP, Limited Vinyl Run

On Kickstarter [note the Kickstarter is over. Moving this post over from P as part of the migration of all music posts to C]
"OPERATOR is the pseudonym of Joel Henigson--electronic musician and producer. He is poised to release his first ever official album, an EP entitled Rhaawwgh!, the name stems from the primal nature of these electro picks. There will be three original songs from OPERATOR as well as alternate versions and remixes. Included in the remix lineup are: Vosuru from Russia, Berlin based Nick Foglia, and Ashland synth guru Todd Barton. Joel operates a project studio in Ashland, OR and is self funding this project, but printing vinyl is expensive, and that's why he needs YOUR HELP! Make your pre-order/pledge today and help to make the vinyl printing possible." On Kickstarter here.

Check out some samples of OPERATOR's work:

Demo-lition by OPERATOR-music


pocket concerto for piano and noise

YouTube Uploaded by pianoloft on Nov 29, 2011

"playing abstract, noisy sounds and a piano."

"improvised by martin kratochwil with a korg er1, connected to a WMD-geigercounter, a piano with a kaospad for spontaneous sampling and modified devices."

Facebook Page for WilliamK's Latest Music

You can find tons of FREE Electronic Music Downloads on WilliamK's new site here.

Universe II Slow Venus by William Kalfelz

Latest tracks by William Kalfelz

Insula "llegar" ep, free download

http://escalared.com/archives/516 - free download
"Llegar is the new second job Insula, this time for the netlabel scale. Behind this project is Leonardo Mirabal, a Venezuelan based in Madrid for many years and active part of the collective + MAS (Madrid Artistas Sonoros). His music takes us to small, intimate, emotionally charged with messages and memories of the lived and left behind. Its production using analog synths combined with the latest technology, result in a job that runs away from different periods and styles but heavily influenced by the more classical background music. An audio journey that seeks to evoke images, landscapes and situations in the listener, thus immersed in a moving display of the memory of what was, what could have been in a dream and changing times.

- All these composed songs Insula.
- Sax on “El binomio del recuerdo” by Aron Pozon.
- Mixed and mastered by Insula.
- “A punto de llegar pero confundido” and “No se si lo que dejé atrás” mastered in estudios subacuátiocos by Música para Khaos.- Photos by Javier Martin-Romo.

more info: http://insula.me/"

llegar by insula

Klirrfaktor: Lost Harmonic Identity Part H (7/8 time modular patch)

YouTube Uploaded by TheKlirrfaktor on Oct 30, 2011

"Klirrfaktor: Lost Harmonic Identity Part H (7/8 time modular patch):

All sounds from the modular system.

Lead sound: MakeNoise René + The Harvestman Hertz Donut + Bubblesound SEM20 VSF + WMD Geiger Counter

Drums: MFB Schlagzwerg + 4ms Noise Swash + ART Pro Channel

more at http://www.klirrfaktor.com

Thanks 4 listening!


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Music From Mars

Music From Mars

"The latest album from eccentric British producer Zoe Blade. A deep blend of electronic styles, showing influences from John Carpenter, AFX and Plastikman. The A side unloads raw bass, starts like a bad day, stops on a shilling. On the flip side, layers peel off to reveal a half remembered dream of better times and all that could have been. Required listening for insomniacs and the nocturnal."

Tooths - ADSR feat. Donny Benét

"To kick off a new series called ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) we travel to Donny Land Studios to see the meet the man himself, Donny Benét. He shows us around the studio, records an improvised song, give us an exclusive peek at a track off his next album and talks all things music.

The ADSR series will bring you interviews with exciting musicians. We will generally discuss music, get insights into their writing process, gear they use and hints and tips for you musicians out there.

ADSR's next episode: Seekae - talking music and their new live setup."