Sunday, September 25, 2011

Waiting For The Future

YouTube Uploaded by cekkomusic2 on May 20, 2011

"Music by Francesco Aubry"

"Recorded on Cubase using Clavia Nord Electro 3, Spectrasonic Trilogy, Toontrack EZ Drummer, some virtual analog synths and a Moog Voyager Performer ed."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ghost_ live improv @ Paper Plane Gallery

Ghost_ live improv @ Paper Plane Gallery by Ghost_
"13 min of improved Maschine & effected vocals"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

End Of An Era

YouTube Uploaded by projektmelodik on Sep 19, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Talisman by Mister 1-2-3-4

YouTube Uploaded by mronetwothreefour on Sep 18, 2011
"Another spooky, animated music video adventure! Cookie Caboose and Busby Bulldog explore a haunted castle -- will the Talisman protect them from the malevolent spirits within?"

"The synth goodness: The raspy pulse that runs through the entire track was made with a PWM setting on a Prophet 600 running through an Electro-Harmonix worm pedal set to a slow auto-wah. Also used: Oberheim Matrix-6R, Yamaha TX-802, Roland R-8 for the drums, Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay, Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe, and the Crash button on a Vermona Retroverb for the "thunderclap" sound in the middle of the song.

Video goodness: Frames created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, additional 3D effects via Autodesk 3ds Max, compositing done in Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Opiates: Rainy Days and Remixes EP

The Opiates: Rainy Days and Remixes EP by Billie Ray Martin
"The Opiates

“Rainy Days and Remixes EP”

Digital Release Date: 19 September 2011

Label: Disco Activisto Records

Images: Wolfgang Tillmans


Style: dark electronic pop

The Opiates is the latest project from the "queen of electronic soul" Billie Ray Martin, together with Norwegian musician Robert Solheim.

The long awaited taster of remixes and first single from the forthcoming album ‘Hollywood Under the Knife’. For The Opiates, these remixes by such greats as Hercules and Love Affair’s Kim Ann Foxman, as well as all-time heroes Chris and Cosey of Throbbing Gristle, are a dream come true. The results are magnetic. The XHK Mix with its hard Dubstep flavour completes the picture and gives the song a completely new voice and vibe.

With the single ‘Rainy Days and Saturdays’, The Opiates live up to their ‘Carpenters of Electro’ title and hope to conquer airwaves and underground alike. It’s a song about the transvestite Candy Darling who, although leading the wild life and preparing for a sex change, dreams of married life and a house in the suburbs.

The album ‘Hollywood Under the Knife’ will be released on Disco Activisto Records both digitally and as a CD on 17 October, featuring nine unreleased images by Turner Prize winning artist Wolfgang Tillmans, who opened his entire archive, granting The Opiates free choice of images.

Rainy Days and Saturdays (Radio Edit)
Jalousies and Jealousies (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)
Anatomy of a Plastic Girl (Chris & Cosey Remix)
Silent Comes the Nighttime (XHK Stepford Step Off Mix)

“The Carpenters of electro… dark, electronic pop: scalpel-sharp lyrical observations juxtaposed with shimmering production to magnetic effect.”
Ben Murphy, DJ Magazine (U.K. / worldwide)
Released by: disco activisto
Release/catalogue number: darec1104
Release date: Sep 18, 2011"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apparitions by Dracula Spacecraft

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dev - In the Dark (DJ Geometrix Remix)

Dev - In the Dark (DJ Geometrix Remix) by DJ Geometrix
"DJ Geometrix remix of In The Dark by Dev.


For booking info, contact or contact Bobby at

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tundra Toddler - Your Youth is Gone, selected tracks

Your Youth is Gone, selected tracks by Tundra Toddler

Welcome to the Cloudroom House

YouTube Uploaded by ProgressivePiano on Sep 9, 2011

"Welcome to the Cloudroom House - a music experience for everyone to join and share.

This song cycle aims for wholeness and therefore challenges you to complete it with your contribution. You can contribute by simply paying attention and lending me your ear. By giving it a listen you are also giving it a meaning. I am no one and my music is all in vain unless you bring this to life by your notice.

Furthermore I want to point out the piano's evolution throughout this project. This time I play several synthesizers, organs and other keyboard instruments as well.
Read more about the Cloudroom House:"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WASOTT - Losing Grip

YouTube Uploaded by MarcelJoling on Sep 1, 2011
Some synth info at the bottom of this post.
"Losing Grip: composition & lyrics by Marcel Joling

WASOTT is a trademark of Marcel Joling Music Productions

Vocals: Hanneke Gudden, Muriel van Eersel & Sanne Groefsema
Bass: Marcus Rietveld
Drums: Sebastiaan Brouwer
Guitar: Hugo Sips
Keys: Marcel Joling

Videoclip: FreekFilms / Stijn Jonkhart l Filmmaker
Studio-engineer Pure Creatives: Thomas Dippel
Producer: Thomas Dippel
Pure Creatives Studio: Henk Bothof

Actor: Martin Knorr
Camera: Stijn Jonkhart & Freek Zonderland
Camera assistants: Mick van Jaarsvelt & Lucas van der Wee
Styling: Annemei Kalden
Make-up artists: Nanette Montizaan, Elise Overweg & Petra Hagen
Lighting Technician: Wouter de Hoog

Theater Zuidplein Rotterdam: Marijke Moerer
Studio: Hans Oostrum Fotografie Den Haag

Still Photography: Stefan Segers & Mario de Prisco
Flex Stand: Rob Veldhoven
Logo WASOTT: Frank Compeer vanStijl
General assistant: Carin Siebel"

Synth info:
MiniKorg 700S and Yamaha Motif in the video. The studio recording features the Oberheim OBX-a, Xpander and Yamaha FS1R. The main brass sounds in the verse is the Oberheim OB-Xa and Yamaha Fs1-R simultaneously. In the chorus the Oberheim Xpander was used for the synthpads with the OB-Xa. And for the Motif: "I didn't really use for the keyboardsounds but the special stand was made especially for the Motif. For live gigs I am using the Motif and the FS1-R. I really like the dark warm Oberheim sounds and I am looking and waiting for the new 4-voice from Tom Oberheim to come out...."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Secret journey (Plogue Bidule, various VSTi and Audacity)

YouTube Uploaded by GruithuisenCityMan on Sep 9, 2011

"Hello ! My name is Frederic Gerchambeau. I have made this movie and this music. The music has been made using Plogue Bidule, various VSTi and Audacity. Enjoy !
I am a (proud !) member of the french association PWM (Patch Work Music) :"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monster Man - What I Did On My Summer Vacation

YouTube Uploaded by JohnLRice on Sep 5, 2011

"Even pure evil needs to "get away from it all" occasionally to recharge . . . ."

Epic Son

YouTube Uploaded by JohnLRice on Aug 2, 2011

"This video started out as just a continuous 45 minute audio recording. I was enjoying the patch so much I just wanted to record a bunch of it before I unplugged everything. Then I decided to edit it down and ended up with a 25 minute 'best of' audio file. Then I edited it down further into this 10 minute video.

This is just more from the same basic patch I've been playing with on the last few videos using the Club Of The Knobs C951 arpeggiator module but this time I added the Moon Modular 552 CV to MIDI module so the output of the C951 could also control a MIDI synthesizer (in this case a Roland Fantom-XR) and blend it together with the Synth Tech modular bass line and arpeggiated voice.

Just some eye and ear candy, I hope you enjoy it. :-)

For those interested in learning more:
Club Of The Knobs :
Moon Modular :
Synthesis Technology :
Muff's Modules & More :
Pond 5 (video licensing) :"


DEEJAYIWAN - HYPER THREAD by deejayiwan two
Release/catalogue number: DEEJAYIWAN - HYPER THREAD"

Monday, September 5, 2011

solipsistic NATION No. 254: Polyfuse, Live

On solipsistic NATION

You'll find a video and the following:

Polyfuse “We Will Make Sure You Disappear”
Polyfuse “Falling Failing Flying Dying”
Interview with Justin McGrath of Polyfuse
Polyfuse “Live, Chicago (July 6th 2011)”

Polyfuse of course is Justin McGrath of TRASH_AUDIO.


"by Ivan Trajkovic, 2011 Vranje Serbia"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bowmentum - Live: Lights

"This is the first of 3 free EP’s to come over the next few weeks. It’s a quick and easy listen and I hope you like it.

For 20 years I played nothing but drums…A year or so ago I caught the electronic music bug and have been knee-deep in synths and drums machines ever since. I love hardware. I love the immediacy. I love actually performing ALL the parts, rather than just rhythms, or just melodies, or just effects."

You can find the release on Bowmentm here.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obscotch - Budka

Obscotch - Budka from obscotch on Vimeo.

"Music video for "Budka" by Obscotch.
Directed by Timothy John Sharp.
Featuring the Perth City Bboy Crew.
Special thanks to Francis Russell and Charles Foster."

"Obscotch to release Miasma Eden
1st September 2011

Perth's own electronic sound surgeon Obscotch (Jake Moore) is once again breaking down genre boundaries and reinventing his sound with his new EP Miasma Eden. The complex combination of sound and suggestion carries all his usual hallmarks, while branching out into new fields. Taking cues from classic hip hop, intricate glitch and heavy dub, it’s bound to please old fans and delight new ones.

Last year saw the release of Samael Makaw, a dark EP of meticulously programmed rhythms and organic textures, which received airplay on Perth's RTRfm and Brisbane’s 4ZzZfm. In November he played a live set on RTRfm’s Ambient Zone and released Obscotch - Live at The Bakery, recorded as part of Warp Chamber II.

2011 has been a year of collaboration. In February, Obscotch worked with Melbourne arts group Cost of Horror, producing an ambient, deliciously moody soundtrack for the Dreams Never End exhibition, which he describes as a sort of ‘audible painting’.

He recently performed at the Velvet Lounge as part of an event hosted by Perth label Pineapple Lounge Records, giving audiences a taste of his weird interpretation of dubstep. His work will be featured on their upcoming compilation.

He has also teamed up with performance poetry renegade Belowsky, and together they’ve produced the anthemic track ‘The Contender’, with a music video in the works. Obscotch will be joining Belowsky during his one-man show at His Majesty’s Theatre across four nights in August.

Be sure to listen out for Miasma Eden on RTRfm, and keep an eye out for the Budka music video on Rage, which is also available online. For the video, Jake collaborated with filmmaker Timothy John Sharp and the Perth City BBoys to create an abstract representation of the track’s hybrid dub and hip-hop beats. For more info on upcoming gigs and releases, plus free downloads and video links, visit"