Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pop Heroes - Space

Click through for a synth-filled EP called SPACE, available to download for free.

Synths used:
DSI Mopho
Waldorf Micro Q
Akai AX80
Korg Electribe EMX
Novation Drum Station

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiësto feat. Tegan & Sara - Feel It In My Bones (HD Version)

YouTube via officialtiesto. on iTunes
"Official Music Video in HD Quality

Thursday, January 28, 2010


YouTube via cyriak. via Charlie
"The zombie kitten apocalypse!

Featuring the lovely illustration of Sarah Brown:

The music is available here:

And if you like the video there's a t-shirt to go with it:"

araabMUZIK Live MPC Set Part 1

araabMUZIK Live MPC Set Part 1 from Death by Electric Shock on Vimeo.

"Dipset Producer Live on MPC

Director: Shane Annas
Camera: Kevin Chung
Visuals: System D128

Duke Productions"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arturia Retrosound (Gregsynth Song)

YouTube via Gregsynth
"Gregsynth is back! Instead of posting an awful cover version of a song (with my dreadful vocals), I have decided to post my new song entitled: "Arturia Retrosound." The title is derived from the virtual synth company "Arturia" and user "retrosound72." He is on Youtube as a partner. He provides top quality analog synthesizer demos and has released two albums of original material. His work is quite influential!

Some of my virtual synths are now disabled/destroyed (the Oberheim OPX, Roland Jupiter 8V, the PPG Wave 2V and the Prophet V8) due to demo restrictions. I'm too cheap to buy the real versions...sorry. But I have my other synths to back me up so it's all good. I managed to replicate/create similar sounds that my former virtual synths used to make, by messing around with GarageBand. To avoid deception I will post the name of my virtual synth, then a "(GarageBand Sound)" mark by it. Have a fun listen!

Equipment used:

Arturia CS-80V
ARP Oddity
TR-808 Clone
PPG Wave 2V (GarageBand Sound)
Oberheim OPX (GarageBand Sound)
Prophet 8V (GarageBand Sound)
Roland Jupiter 8V (GarageBand Sound)
Various effects
Arpeggiators and sequencers (CS-80V and Arp Oddity fed into "ReMIDI")

© 2009 Gregsynth/Garageband Productions"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pixelh8 “Observations”

on Pixelh8

"'Observations' is an audio visual study of the people, machines and practices at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University. Culminating in two performances on 12th &13th of March, 2010 at 7.30pm during the Cambridge Science Festival."

VICMOD Live Rainbow Serpent

Details and download on VICMOD

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christophocles - Triumph, Part One

YouTube via BlackwoodRecording
"Part two another day. Enjoy
Equipment used:
- Moog Minimoog Voyager
- 1984 Roland JUNO-60
- Roland TB-303 bassline
- Acidlab Miami drum machine
- Effectrode Phaseomatic Tube Phaser
- Malekko Assmaster Harmonic Analog Distortion
- Malekko Echo 600 Dark Analog Delay
- Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer Spring Reverb and Multimode Filter
- Presonus Firestudio
- Apple Logic Pro 8
© 2010 Zanzibar Studios"

Richard Devine's Modern Electronic Record Collection

YouTube via wholemusicclub
"With four full-length albums on Schematic, Warp, Asphodel, and Sublight records, multiple remixes of top Warp artists like Aphex Twin and Mike Patton of Faith No More, sound-mixing for many famous video games including Dance-Dance Revolution and Halo 2, Richard Devine is setting the pace for composers and remix artists alike. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Devine was one of the featured artists at the Spark Festival 2008 in Minneapolis, MN. He stopped by the Whole for an engaging conversation about his development as a musician, his favorite gear, and a live performance.
More Making Music info at"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

29 DJs In 7 Rooms

via AH:

"Leah: 'I wrote this after a recent girl's night out to the BEST club in the world! Going there is a curse as I want to shout its name from the roof tops but, you only get invited if you promise never to reveal the secret - this track will probably guarantee I am refused entry next month'.

Technical stuff: the main bass/lead parts are HardSID (4 or 5 tracks). All the drums are Jomox 888. There is also a few MS20 and PEK tracks. All the annoying screeching sounds are Leah.

Paul + Leah xx


Banned by YouTube video: [below]

'thats mental! and rather fkin ace too! cheers! dick subhumans'"

Mickey Mouse is Dead - punkdISCO

YouTube via punkdiscoUK
"Our first version was banned by YouTube as the "submission violates our Terms of Service on pornography, obscene or defamatory material". So, here is our heavily edited and hopefully "YouTube friendly" version.. Paul and Leah xxx"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yip-Yip - Bone Up - Live In The Yip-Yip Room

YouTube via YipYip
"This is a live video of us playing our song 'Bone Up'. It was shot and edited by Isaac Royffe. Find more Yip-Yip at"

"live we are using a Korg MS-10, Korg X-911, EHX Voice Box, EHX V256, 3 Roland Samplers, 3 Moogerfoogers (Freqbox, Ring Modulator, & MuRF), and various other effects."

strange abstractor

YouTube via GruithuisenCityMan
"Hello ! My name is Frederic Gerchambeau. I have made this movie and this music. The music has been made entirely with a Korg MS20 and Pure Data in only one take, no overdub and no edit. What i play is what you hear. Enjoy!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

transistor f "exile"

transistor f "exile" from dautrescordes on Vimeo.

"for this track franck vigroux "Transistor-F" uses Moog RME voyager, Mophoe DSI, Synthi AKS, TR808, ARP Odyssey"


Babel (original mix) by alienrobotdance! by alienrobotdance


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[911Production] Can be viewed on Youtube in February

YouTube via 911product
"RnB, Hiphop, House and Electronicpop, we are make up.
If your question is 'How to Make up Trendy song??'
Then, check up my new video in Youtube at Channel."

Monday, January 18, 2010

input output "supersonic riverside blues"

YouTube via fretless
via d'autres cordes: "gear : Juno 6, korg lambda, moog voyager RME, analogue lab x-pass filter"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Awakenings 060210 Astrogator, Norman Phay & Nick Robinso

via the forum:
"Astrogator - Steve Humphries aka Create and Jez Creek aka Modulator ESP with a set of sequencing and space music

Norman Phay - keyboardist of Vietgrove with an experimental modular set

Nick Robinson - looping guitarist extraordinaire with a set of improvised ambience

Saturday 6th February 2010

Held at:
Paget High School
Business & Enterprise College
Burton Road
Burton on Trent
DE14 3DR

Advance tickets can be purchased from the website. Unless otherwise noted, the ticket price includes a FREE mp3 Virtual Ticket that will be made available shortly after the gig, these will only be available to purchase online until the day before the gig.

If you cannot attend and wish to purchase a Virtual Ticket you should just purchase a standard ticket and email to let me know you only want the VT

All line-ups subject to change, check website for latest details"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jupe Jupe

Studio Wormbone

"The synths on stage were an Access Virus C and a Korg R3."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"Interconnected is a collaborative electronica/ idm/ experimental project between Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds, Memory Geist) and Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette). Both guys are heavy into analogue modular systems which makes their sound very unique and organic compared to other artists in the electronica scene who hardly use any hardware anymore.
Their debut album “Current Flow” is a sonic trip where frequencies take on real life form. Each song takes you on an aural voyage to explore new worlds beyond your imagination. The opening track “Greenerblue” brings you smoothly into this new world while other tracks like “Deepestsespeed” give you the impression that you are wandering around that cold surface for ages.
The design of this release might seem a bit dark rst, compared to the music itself, but it represents a so familiar ally and yet so mysterious during the night, the unknown.

Jef Aerts, vu-us
clips from the album here:

of course the album is full of analogue modulars like the Doepfer A100, Serge modular, AS Integrator, Technosaurus Selector, Metalbox / CGS, Blacet research, (with additional Livewire, Cyndustries, Plan B modules) and Oberheim SEM, Jupiter 6, Mono/poly, MS20, SQ10, TR606, Roland System-100m, various string machines and Tape Echoes, Nord modular, Waldorf Microwave, etc, etc...
Bakis Sirros - Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
[Doepfer_a100] group owner
www. parallel - worlds - music. com
www. myspace. com/ parallelworldsmusic
www. myspace. com/ interconnectedmusic
www. myspace. com/ memorygeist
www. DiN. org. uk
www. musicamaximamagnetica. com
www. shimarecords. co. uk
www. rubberrecords. gr
Athens - Greece"


YouTube via innerclock2004

Rock Tha Jam 2.mp4

"Vision by Roland CG-8, Sonics by L80 - gates by J-Man"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


"This winter sees the release of '1 degree C', an instrumental album that travels from the rainforest floors of Borneo to the deep undersides of Antarctic icebergs. Forest and ice, air and water, this is the life blood of our planet and ourselves. The pressures of increasing temperature and the shift of weather patterns are only just beginning to make their impact on the planet and society. '1 degree C' is a soundtrack to these unfolding events and a call to action."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

skylab2000 LIVE @ Once in a Blue Moon - Austin, Texas

YouTube via skylab2000
"skylab2000 LIVE @ Once in a Blue Moon - Austin, TX

For more skylab2000 info, music and live bookings, see web page / myspace / facebook / twitter.

(aka skylab 2000)"

via LDT

"My new Net Release "The Cold Season" is available for down load on Regent Island. Hope you enjoy."

Psalm 88 - Lorne David Thomson.mp4
YouTube via ldtregent
"From my free net release "The Cold Season" available for download at

LDT: Guitar, Ebo, MFB Kraftwerg mini-modular, Korg Kaossilator, Korg Kaoss Pad 3, Korg Mini-Kaoss Pad, Novation Xio Synth"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

William Blake Watson - Your Love So Cold

YouTube via ChiefofBuddha
"directed by Dan Anderson
music by William Blake Watson"

Animal Collective - My Girls

YouTube via DominoRecords
"A video for 'My Girls' from Animal Collective's new album Merriweather Post Pavilion. Out now on Domino.

Produced by: Knowmore Productions
Animated by: Jon Vermilyea
Edited/VFX by: Chad Von Nau"
Better quality video:

DJ Keamia - Hydrogen

YouTube via DJKeamia. - New Album Out

Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich+Fussible with OBC Baja california Orchestra

YouTube via pepemogt
"Nortec Collective mashes its electronic music with classical
In the spirit of connection, Bostich and Fussible send mash notes.

By Reed Johnson
January 10, 2010

Reporting from Tijuana - On a Pacific Ocean-cooled Sunday night last October, a crowd of 25,000 people thronged the streets outside the Tijuana Cultural Center to witness a startling musical experiment.

Packed two- and three-deep on the outdoor stage near the Avenue of Heroes, several members of the Baja California Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Ivan del Prado, conjured lush melodies more suited to a concert hall than a gritty urban thoroughfare. Overhead, a jumbo screen flashed Pop Art graphics ("BANG!") and images of border fences, billiard halls, scowling tough guys in cowboy hats and other Tijuana emblems.

Standing directly behind the violinists and woodwind players, Ramon Amezcua and Pepe Mogt -- better known as Bostich and Fussible of the electronic music ensemble Nortec Collective -- tapped out metronomic tempos on hand-held computers, alternately merging and body-slamming their beats with the rich orchestral harmonies. Punctuating the complex rhythmic pulse, an accordionist, trumpeter and tuba player pumped out shotgun blasts of banda and norteño chords, while the moshing multitudes below snapped cellphone pics and roared their approval.

The free, open-air concert was a welcome diversion for this sprawling border city of 1.5 million, which has suffered a months-long spate of brutal drug-related killings and kidnappings that has demoralized locals and terrified U.S. tourists, who've been staying away in droves.

"It was more than anything a celebration, because Tijuana has received a lot of bad notices from violence and other things, and the people were very anxious," Amezcua said in an interview last week.

But for the Grammy-nominated duo of Amezcua, 48, and Mogt, 40, the concert also marked the latest creative shift in a subtly evolving career. After more than a decade of remapping techno's DNA by splicing electronic beats with Mexican regional folk music, while also producing and recording their own records, touring with Los Lobos and remixing songs for the likes of Morrissey and Lenny Kravitz, the tandem has added yet another chromosome to its sonic gene pool: symphonic musicians and orchestral arrangements.
By Reed Johnson

Edición : Checo brown
Camara 1 : Huracán

Music was done with Analogue Synthesisers, Tb 303, tr-909, Norteño Music, Clasical music instruments, Analogue systems modular and tenori-on"

Hilltree - Species Plantarum [synthesizer track]

YouTube via hilltree
"Nice synthesizer track recorded at the Hilltree studio Netherlands. More at"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Magnetosphere, revisited (from 2007)

Magnetosphere, revisited (from 2007) from flight404 on Vimeo.

"Getting content uploaded for my portfolio site. This video was made in September 2007. I decided to revisit the Trentemøller song I used in the original version that I made 7 months prior.

Made with Processing. Audio by Trentemøller (Miss You off the album The Last Resort)."

2@@Bpm in the streets of moscow

YouTube via axc909. "Sp33d in the streets of Moscow"

Monday, January 4, 2010

Alien Robot Dance

"I made a bunch of new tracks with sounds from TR707, Juno 60 and JX3P.

I also used a Yamaha AN1X and some drumsamples.

90% of the sounds I use are from the old Roland gear...

I sequence all this gear from within Ableton Live 8 (the Juno60 as well, I got the midi kit from Engineers At Work)...

A lot off the stuff is being played live though and recorded to audio tracks. Then the audio is being processed in Ableton Live 8 as well."

Sunday, January 3, 2010


YouTube via axc909
"Ptite dedicace a tout les ptis manipulateur en herbe qui se reconnaitront ^^"