Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make The Girl Dance - Baby baby baby!! [official clip]

YouTube via BadGones3169
Duo électro parisien "Make The Girl Dance" avec la chanson Baby Baby Baby !!
3 charmantes filles (Mathilde, Sarah et Marine) se balladent nues dans la rue Montorgueil à Paris en chantant.
De quoi surprendre les passants !

Le clip fait beaucoup penser à celui de Matt & Kim qui étaient nus sur Time Square"

"Parisian electro duo "Make The Girl Dance" with the song Baby Baby Baby!
3 lovely girls (Mathilde, Sarah and Marine) is balladent naked in the rue Montorgueil in Paris singing.
What surprised passers!

The clip is a lot to think that Matt & Kim were naked on Time Square:"

Matt & Kim - Lessons Learned

"Brooklyn's Matt & Kim strip down in New York City's Time Square.
Directed by Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault. (
Cinematography by Ben Wolf.
VFX by Steve Ilous.
Copyright FADER Label 2009."


  1. if you're music sucks try getting naked..

  2. Lol, my exact same thoughts :)

  3. I like the fact that there are naked girls in the video, they're hot but I wish there wasn't censor bars, even if they are part of the concept.

  4. Wonder why the background is all mirror image, but the words on the censor bars are correct?