Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Glum-C - tip-tilt

YouTube via glumc
"AC Records first release:
The new label is a division of http://www.acidlab.de normally known for its analogue hardware clones) with a focus on promoting dark, electronic music by unknown artists. All tracks use analoge equipment of acidlab.de

A2 - `` tip-tilt``is a spacy acid groover of Glum-C.
The record comes in olive-coloured marbled vinyl and is limited to 150 records. "

dB_24 - electrotechnic-dub-mix

"B1+B2 are hard dancefloor tracks by dB24 (steve romani) from Lyon. Steve is a studio rat with a lot of music output."

Hteah - viva oliv

"A1 - ``viva olive`` is a dark psychoacoustic acid track by hteah via portland, oregon. his time at present is spent building his soundsystem and helping manifest semi autonomous free festivals. please see; http://www.mutantfest.org via http://wwww.panzen.net"

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