Wednesday, June 30, 2010


DICA by buriedintime
acid techno

"'DICA' is culled from [SiK] + ignatius hardware jam sessions. You may hear bits and pieces of 'Acid Offspring' (bit_004) since these jam sessions provided the sample fodder for those remixes. There is some straight forward acid here and also some gentle weirdness. The tracks are long because that's the way they felt they needed to be.

Hardware used: Roland tb-303, tr-606, tr-909, futureretro revolution and Ableton Live for realtime FX processing. All tracks were performed live, multi-tracked then edited for length and mixed.
Released by: Buried In Time

Release/catalogue number: bit 008
Release date: Jun 30, 2010"
"Some acid tracks put together by ignatius and [SiK]. Recorded live a few years ago and finally pulled off the hard drive and mixed/mastered for a free release on Buried In Time. Featuring FR-revolution, tb-303, tr-606, tr-909 and run through live at time of recording for some FX"

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