Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oli Rubow and percussionist Bertil Mark - Meinl Drum Festival 2010

video here
"The 26min long video features drummer Oli Rubow and percussionist Bertil Mark. Their performance on the Meinl Drum Festival 2010 focuses on an interesting and new musical field: drums & real time electronics.

DJ-culture is realised interactively utilizing acoustic drums, percussion, and electricity.
Say goodbye to stiff playbacks and play music instead:
musical snippets are edited live and arranged to something completely new
everything is improvised, nothing is planned
an exciting musical journey!

Used electronic gear:
on the percussion riser (Bertil)
- Macbook Pro with Ableton Live and max for live, 4x Beyerdynamic mix splitted for efx and realtime looping into Motu Traveler. controllers: Jazzmutant Lemur, Monome and Wiimote Controller, Korg KaossPad 3, spd-s for controling and playing Ableton and Native Instruments.
on the drum riser (Oli)
- 2x Roland SPD-S with personal samples and one satelite: a Roland e-Cymbal for deep boom bass drums
- EHX Vocoder + Line6 Tap Delay for the splitted snare mic
- Alesis Microverb for dubby sanre reverb shots
- Acidlab Bassline for typical acid basslines
- The Kick triggers an analog synth (Jomox Mbase). This sound gets delayed by a Boss Space Echo and filtered by the Oto Biscuit
- Macbook Pro with Ableton Live/Effectrix, Motu Traveler and Launchpad synchronices the Bassline and Bertil's Computer."

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  1. here are some technical details to our performance (unfortunately only in german):