Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Simonsound

<a href="">Tour De Mars by The Simonsound</a>
"Words can be no substitute for the aural experience, but if you will have
words, The Simonsound¹s first album, ³Reverse Engineering², offers an
intriguing variety of sounds, including ¹50s and ¹60s-inspired space music,
mood music for film and TV, haunting vocal tracks, and switched-on cover
versions of classics realised on the Moog synthesiser.

Matt and Simon both cite Dick Hyman¹s crazy Moog take on James Brown¹s ³Give
it up or Turn it Loose² as a big inspiration, representing the perfect
meeting of experimental electronics and solid rhythm section. They created
their own homage to it with a take on the classic b-boy anthem, ³It¹s Just
Begun² by The Jimmy Castor Bunch, replacing the original¹s soulful vocals,
gritty rhythm and horn sections with heavy Moog synthesiser and electronic
sounds that place you firmly in outer space. Their interpretation of Bob
James¹ much sampled classic, ³Nautilus², also adds vibraphone, treated
percussion and tape effects. Meanwhile ³Baker's Dozen² uses the sound of a
cork being popped from an empty bottle of gin as its main instrument, taking
inspiration from the work of BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer John Baker,
famous for taking everyday sounds and creating music with them. The
Simonsound didn¹t rely solely on machines, inviting vocalist Debbie Clare to
collaborate on several tracks, resulting in ³Bad Love², ³Between the Wake
and the Sleep² and ³Call of the Siren². Further tracks on the album explore
the kind of instrumental music you might have heard in the background of
Œ60s and Œ70s cult TV shows or adverts."

You can find an interview including some pics and video at work ethic here. Also see for EMS VCS3 ringtones and Moog Voyager patches.

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