Monday, October 25, 2010

Xeroid Entity & The Tangent Project / November 6

"One Thousand Pulses presents
Xeroid Entity & The Tangent Project / November 6

The members of xeroid entity are Howard Moscovitz, Bill Fox, and Greg Waltzer. Combined they have more than 70 years of experience making electronic music. They all program their own sounds, and refuse to be bound by conventional scales or rhythms. The parts are freely improvised, which allows for maximum expressiveness and interaction between group members while avoiding predictability. Much of it is ambient in nature, without a discernable beat. When the group does play rhythmically based music, it is often polyrhythmic in flavor. The results can be subtle and spacey , noisy without being harsh, dynamic yet continuous. xeroid entity is constantly exploring new musical territory by going beyond the barriers of standard conventions, classic Euro EM practitioners merging (Berlin) old school with (PA/New Jersey) new school.

The interlocking sonic wormholes of The Tangent Project, a duo of Harrison McKay (guitar) and Jeff Coulter (electronics), travel the same spaceways as the European masters as well, breaking bread with established traditions while simultaneously fomenting new frontiers. Dense sequencer patterns collide with slowly expansive chord clusters within the Project's vast vocabulary of sounds, exploiting the genre's broad history as it unveils new, contemporary ideas and avenues. Both The Tangent Project and Xeroid Entity vividly breathe life into the ghosts of Tangerine Dreamers past.


DATE OF PERFORMANCE: Saturday, November 6


$15 for advance/reserve seating
$18 at the door"

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