Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rusty Egan Presents Shock R.E.R.B 2010.mp4

YouTube via RustyEgan | November 07, 2010 | 5 likes, 0 dislikes
via Steve Turnidge
"Rusty Egan and Steve Strange brought you the Blitz Club in 1980, the cradle that not only spawned the musical soundtrack to a generation but also the styles, fashions and very fabric of the 80's. Thirty years may seem a long time to wait before launching a record label of the same name but the sound of the Blitz is as fresh today as it was all those years ago on a side street off Covent Garden. For the first release we head back to 1983. R.E.R.B is a studio collaboration between two pillars of the New Romantic movement; Richard James Burgess who coined the very phrase 'New Romantic', producer of the first two Spandau Ballet albums, founder of Einstein A Go Go Landscape, drummer and all around producer God and Rusty Egan, co founder of the Blitz Club, member of the The Skids & Visage and the DJ who first brought the sounds of the synthesizer into the mainstream. Did we mention that Rusty is a drummer too' R.E. is Rusty and R.B. is Richard. They are two drummers who once got together and not only made one of the first true electro records but also one catchy, beat-heavy number. The original from 1983 is present and correct in its original form, arguably sounding more relevant to a 2010 audience than it did to a 1983 one. It's already been bootlegged twice in the past few years. On the flip side Rusty dons his remix gloves and extends, prods and recreates a 2010 version. Big synths, electro grooves, HiQ and chunky floor-stomping pianos all the way."

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