Sunday, December 26, 2010

"The iPad Album" by Mark Jenkins

"London-based electronic musician MARK JENKINS ( released what's thought to be the world's first all-iPad CD "The iPad Album" on October 9th 2010 with live performances at the E-Live Festival in Holland.

Mark Jenkins is the author of "Analog Synthesizers" available worldwide through Amazon(posted here) and an internationally published music technology author and keyboard collector. His Mac-based concerts in the USA and Europe over the last few years are now being followed by all-iPad performances under the banner "Touch The Music". More concerts follow in 2011. The CD "The iPad Album" by Mark Jenkins is available worldwide through [direct link]"

YouTube via MarkJenkinsMusic | October 12, 2010 |

"MARK JENKINS soundchecking for the launch performances of THE iPAD ALBUM at the E-Live Festival, Holland 9th Oct 2010 - becoming the first known musician to release an album entirely created on the Apple iPad. Mark's other performances include the London South Bank and the London Planetarium at Greenwich, as well as shows in the USA, Brazil, France, Germany and China."

Update: iPad apps used:
iSequence (sounds and drums)
Jasuto Pro (modular synthesizer)
FunkBox (drums)
Thicket (touch responsive sounds)
SoundyThingie (touch responsive sounds)
MorphWiz (Theremin-style sounds)
SoundWarp (sampled sounds)
OrbNote (ambient backings)
SoundYeah (live audio loops)
Mellotron M3000 (chords)

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