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YouTube Uploaded by AidanCasserly on May 24, 2011

Uploaded by AidanCasserly on May 24, 2011

"Born from a collaboration between Aidan Casserly, the lead singer of
cult Irish synthpop band Empire State Human and also with the now
disbanded The Garland Cult and a solo artist in his own right too. The
tracks "GEMINI HEART"/"BRIGHTLIGHT" is the newest Noisebrigade single
which is released after two EPs of robotic electro music out on
Binalog Productions and Sauroid, EPs that contain also cool remixes by
The Exaltics, Hyboid, Embryonik, Darxid and Faceless Mind. They can be
downloaded for free and we hope that you'll appreciate the new sound
we created for them, which we like to call "dark synthpop".

On this two track single Aidan gives his passionate vocals to
Noisebrigade's electronic vertigo; made of dry rhythms and synth

The single is now available on free download.

Download link -"

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