Wednesday, October 3, 2012

musik aus dem koffer von martin kratochwil

Published on Oct 2, 2012 by pianoloft

"electronic music devices, packed in old suitcases, called "musik aus dem koffer" (suitcase music). the components are considered as a sytem of single modules, put together for a whole setting, played like one instrument. in that case circuit bending devices from folktek (microgarden, omnichord), hellrunner synth, a modified synth by manufactured ZR30 and a feedback connection with korg od20 and alesis bitrman are working together.

the video is taken by my art-partner max lorenz at the wabi-sabi pavillion ( ), music and dance-sequences by martin kratochwil.
have fun !"

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  1. This performance is highly interesting as regards its artistic presence which has a strong power of emotion and reveals a very original approach of electronic music with a ceremony of dancing that makes me think about the old civilizations of woods and forests.