Monday, November 26, 2012

Blast Off! with Doggie Dogster

"Doggie Dogster is a space-faring stuffed toy dog. He lives with Zoë Blade, who, when pushed, admits to helping him write and perform his songs.

In contrast to pop artists, Zoë has a strong DIY ethic, customising, hacking, tweaking, repurposing and building much of the equipment in her studio. Conversely, she stands out amongst modular synth fanatics by unashamedly focusing on catchy melodies, shunning musique concrète, and favouring a fun performance over showing off her skills at endless digital manipulation.

Doggie's music is lighthearted, fun and cute. Its chief aim is to make you laugh and smile. It is not produced. It is not mastered. It does not participate in the so-called loudness wars. It is raw. It is real, even if he is not. It is rough around the edges, recorded on-the-fly using first takes. It captures a moment, yet it is anything but contemporary. It is at once both timeless and alien. It is space music. It is a rediscovered dream of the future, unearthed from a forgotten past. It is yesterday's tomorrow, today."


  1. Oh wow, I've followed Zoë on Reddit and YouTube for ages so now I get to be all ultra-hipster and say I liked her before she was cool. This is is great!

    She's really got a lot of talent!