Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watcha Clan

YouTube via Reshapemusic. sent my way via brian c.

WATCHA CLAN "Nomads are Free men" LIVE

"here's "les hommes libres" from the Watcha Clan concert
in Odonien ( on may 31th 2008!
Completly madness!"

WATCHA CLAN "GOUMARI" part 2 LIVE @ la Maroquinerie Paris

YouTube via watchaclan13
"here's the final part of "Goumari" by Watcha Clan @ la Maroquinerie/Paris on 16th
april 2008!"


YouTube via watchaclan13
"here's a part of the Watcha Clan concert on may 31th at Odonien (artist squat in Koln, Germany)!!!! great place great concert great people!!! thanx to Odonien, Balkan Xpress, Kompott and the audience!!!

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