Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Happened?!

New free album from pc muñoz available at Talking House Records here.

"It's a little known fact: pc muñoz, San Francisco's genre-defying artist, producer of Joan Jeanrenaud's 2008 Grammy®-nominated contemporary classical cello album Strange Toys, creator of the award-winning twenty haiku multimedia project, and the man behind albums featuring everyone from rock legend Jackson Browne to Prince keyboardist Dr. Fink, started out as a DIY drummer/rapper named Giant Step.

'My Giant Step project (no relation to the NY-based label) was totally hip-hop. All rapping and original beats. A natural place for me to begin," muñoz notes. "I got encouragement from the start. The San Francisco Bay Guardian wrote me up, local clubs starting calling, I garnered some attention from little indie labels, and I was a finalist in a local rap contest. But just as things got interesting, I decided that presenting myself exclusively as a hip-hop MC wouldn't be the right (or sincere) path for me to pursue. Although I loved hip-hop, I had strong interests in other genres, and I wanted to cultivate a musical persona which could move fluidly between genres.'"

via pc muñoz on some of the instruments on the album: "I used a lot of vintage synths and toys, the Bee Gees Rhythm Machine, as well iphone apps, on this album."

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