Friday, February 5, 2010

High Skies - The Shape of Things To Come

YouTube via Scubadevils. via Synthwire
"'The Shape of Things To Come' is available as a free download from the Microscopics website. Mat Jarvis is the man behind High Skies and also the legendary 0095 album under the Gas moniker on em:t - an essential piece of electronic music and available once again also from the Microscopics website.

High Skies - Sounds of Earth

"Blade Runner meets Voyager, Deckard meets Sagan; an interstellar soundtrack to NASAs Voyager spacecraft. Subtle, deep, swirling electronics are entwined with narratives, sounds and recordings taken from Voyagers golden record, building to the huge electronics of the title track. Six tracks of deep phased, electronic sounds of Earth.""

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