Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"Huba&Silica it's about to drop a new single called FLASH on march the 26th on Beatport. Recorded and mixed in Costa Rica and mastered in UK by Simon Davey (link), the track was built using the moog voyager and native instruments battery only, sequenced on Live 8.

To celebrate the track and "Flash" it real good, we have also printed a Zine that graphically reinterprets, with a huge dose of sarcasm, the song lyrics about the process by which we stop building our own personality, and favor the building of a character instead. All of our art is created in collaboration with the costarican artists Pablo Murillo ( and Manuel Al-Ghassani (

You can listen the full track and remixes in or you can also search for Huba&Silica in iTunes and Beatport.

More info:"

Flash it from Huba&Silica on Vimeo.

"Box sound like thunder
Quick like lighting

Obra gráfica realizada por Pablo Murillo, Manuel Al-Ghassani y H&S.

FLASH EP // Disponible en tiendas por Killing Machine Records a partir del 25 de marzo del 2010 // Incluye Remixes de UFO! y Mario Miranda."

Remixing Flash with UFO! from Huba&Silica on Vimeo.

"En el estudio con el productor y dj Ed Garro UFO!, remezclando Flash.

In the studio with producer and DJ Ed Garro aka UFO!, remixing Flash.

Costa Rica, 2010."

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