Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Quadra Station" by Lorne David Thomson

Available on Ping Things here

"Our latest release comes from Lorne David Thomson [ldtregent], who many of you will remember from 2009's "Swimming Alone" ping things net release. His latest, "Quadra Station" is a collection of songs that presents a hopeful and optimistic view of the stars, a retro journey that takes us back to a time where wonder and excitement about space travel abounds. Incorporating actual samples from the NASA archives, "Quadra Station" is a fabulous release, from the thick analog sounds of the eponymous opening track, through the Eastern instrumentation of "The Technician's Dream", the hypnotic pulse and twinkling stars of "Sleeping in the LEM", the steady beat-driven movement of "Apollo 8", to the grandeur of album closer 'A Free Trip Home'..."

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