Monday, April 12, 2010

Chris Harvey Colonization

"Experimental Ambient Electronica

Chris Harvey's 1995 debut album The White Sail successfully combined haunting, lyrical melodies with inspired percussion and a rare sense of harmony, and was picked up for licensing by, among others, MTV, and Australian Nine TV Network.

Otherwake was released in 2008 and enthusiastically received, catching the attention of Tom Robinson where it soon became a regular on his BBC 6 Music show, going on to appear as Pick Of The Month by US E-Musician Magazine. The album saw a natural evolution of style, into subtly bewitching microhouse with gently unfolding melodies and intricate, sophisticated beats.

No stranger to pushing boundaries of the experimental organic ambient scene, he remains true to his roots absorbing influences from artists such as Aphex Twin, Delia Derbyshire, FSOL, Thomas Dolby and David Sylvian.

'Colonization' continues to move his unique style forward, providing further melodic and sonic refinement to produce music from “the retro-future that may yet come to pass”, promising to be a treat for avid fans and those who prefer their electronic music to be aimed at their frontal lobes.

Chris Harvey’s third album ‘Colonization’ is released 12/04/10.

The full track listing follows:

1. Mesoscale 2. Vita Astrum 3. Graviton 4. Unda

5. Facility 6. Cyano 7. Drowned World 8. Aer 9. Nimbus"

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