Saturday, April 24, 2010

Huba&Silica - Más vida

Huba&Silica - Más vida from la GRAN productora on Vimeo.

"Video oficial de "Más Vida" de Huba&Silica contra la minería a cielo abierto en Crucitas.

Luis Piedra, Esteban Mora, Cristian Chacón.


Michele Ferris, Tatiana Carmona, Boy Claxon, Wolfgang Anguizola, Sonia de la Cruz, CEPROAV UCR.

Alonso Víquez
Ignacio Hernández
Marysela Zamora
+ Gema Arrieta

la GRAN productora, 2010"

via e.

"One week ago, our government approved large scale open sky mining in Costa Rica, a country known for it's biodiversity and rich rain forests. It shocked us all, and we decided to create this track and video to protest against the terrible consequences this activity poses over the endangered species of the chosen territory for mining, a territory with a huge water reserve. We also made the track to say YES to nature, to water, to LIFE.

It's not a perfect track, but we made it really fast, with lots of love. We hope you can post it on MatrixSynth and show to the world the horrible threat of open sky gold mining and also the positive effects that music and analog sounds :D can bring!"

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  1. I hope others are watching your video. I think it is more about political protest than synthesizers, but that is not a bad thing. :)

    I am sorry for Costa Rica, and I wish you well in combating the adverse affects of mining. As you have discovered, neither governments nor companies care at all about what they do to your land. At least in your country, some people still care enough to talk back. Here in the US, people go through the motions of whining, but accept everything - we kneel exclusively at the altar of capitalism. And we destroy other countries with war and pollution, sharing almost none of the profit.

    Unfortunately, most people interested in synthesizers tend not to be environmentally conscious, so as to not have to face the deep contradiction of liking electronics - something that is very toxic and hazardous to the people that manufacture it, and the natural environment where production or disposal occurs (hopefully someone else's country, you know...). Still, I hope some people view this and help you in some way.

    Thank you for making me aware of this problem. One organization that may be able to help bring attention to your cause, if you haven't spoken to it yet, is I have missed some episodes recently, but I watch often, and don't recall hearing about this issue.

    Good luck in your fight, amigos - you will need it.