Saturday, May 15, 2010

Futuristication (Gregsynth Song)

YouTube via Gregsynth — May 14, 2010 — "After a long break from music (mostly related to my other 2 channels, and writer's block), I have finally (after dozens of recording sessions) composed a new song entitled "Futuristication." This song features the synthesizer as a prominent instrument (LOL), and I started to experiment with more arpeggiator/sequencer effects--plus a new idea called "Bit-Crusher." What that does is: It takes the sound I'm using (the drum tracks) and compresses the sound down from 1400 kb/s (recording quality), down to levels such as 32 kb/s (think of FLAC to Mp3 converting, but in a MUCH bigger level). It greatly distorts the sound, but it can lead to some very "robotic" and interesting results and effects! Enjoy!!


* Tons of synthesizers (Arp Oddity, Automat 1, and various samples of Old-School analog synths)

* Effects: Phasing, Flanging, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay, Arpeggiator/Sequencer, Bit-Crusher.

Note: I borrowed the bass-line from the rock band Queen's song "Dancer." Hope they don't sue me!

© 2010 Gregsynth/GarageBand Productions
© 1982 Hollywood Records/Brian May (for "Dancer" bass-line sample)"

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