Thursday, May 6, 2010

Komega - Perceive this Music

Komega - Perceive this Music from Sabina Fowler on Vimeo.

"Music: Komega
Co-Directors: Sabina Fowler & Komega (Craig Dorety)
Producer & Editor: Sabina Fowler
Spaceman: kc! Bradshaw

Special Thanks to: Veronica Gordon, Jim Campbell, Jodie Marko, Juilan Giardinelli, and David Luu

Electronic musician / LED artist Craig Dorety ( produced the music for this piece. Craig has been composing music for over 12 years and performing live for the last 7 years. He designs and builds his own custom controllers and utilizes them in his live performances. His most recent creations include creating custom audio-controlled LED artwork, some of which are featured in this video.

Video Producer Sabina Fowler ( conceived and shot the spaceman portion of the project, providing inspiration for this piece. She also sorted the nuts and bolts to get the project done.

This video also features over 3,000 LEDs in artwork borrowed from Jim Campbell ( Jim Campbell has been creating artwork for over 20 years and has has been featured in international museums and galleries.

Special thanks to Veronica for "having the technology" and to kc! Bradshaw for wearing a thirty pound spacesuit for several hours. And thanks go Jodie Marko for kindly allowing us the use of the spacesuit. Final thanks to Julian Giardinelli who help sort some technical bits and to David Luu who was the final eye and feedback for the piece.

Without their help and the help of others, this video would have not been able to be made."

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