Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WASOTT - Losing Grip

YouTube Uploaded by MarcelJoling on Sep 1, 2011
Some synth info at the bottom of this post.
"Losing Grip: composition & lyrics by Marcel Joling

WASOTT is a trademark of Marcel Joling Music Productions

Vocals: Hanneke Gudden, Muriel van Eersel & Sanne Groefsema
Bass: Marcus Rietveld
Drums: Sebastiaan Brouwer
Guitar: Hugo Sips
Keys: Marcel Joling

Videoclip: FreekFilms / Stijn Jonkhart l Filmmaker
Studio-engineer Pure Creatives: Thomas Dippel
Producer: Thomas Dippel
Pure Creatives Studio: Henk Bothof

Actor: Martin Knorr
Camera: Stijn Jonkhart & Freek Zonderland
Camera assistants: Mick van Jaarsvelt & Lucas van der Wee
Styling: Annemei Kalden
Make-up artists: Nanette Montizaan, Elise Overweg & Petra Hagen
Lighting Technician: Wouter de Hoog

Theater Zuidplein Rotterdam: Marijke Moerer
Studio: Hans Oostrum Fotografie Den Haag

Still Photography: Stefan Segers & Mario de Prisco
Flex Stand: Rob Veldhoven
Logo WASOTT: Frank Compeer vanStijl
General assistant: Carin Siebel"

Synth info:
MiniKorg 700S and Yamaha Motif in the video. The studio recording features the Oberheim OBX-a, Xpander and Yamaha FS1R. The main brass sounds in the verse is the Oberheim OB-Xa and Yamaha Fs1-R simultaneously. In the chorus the Oberheim Xpander was used for the synthpads with the OB-Xa. And for the Motif: "I didn't really use for the keyboardsounds but the special stand was made especially for the Motif. For live gigs I am using the Motif and the FS1-R. I really like the dark warm Oberheim sounds and I am looking and waiting for the new 4-voice from Tom Oberheim to come out...."

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