Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Epic Son

YouTube Uploaded by JohnLRice on Aug 2, 2011

"This video started out as just a continuous 45 minute audio recording. I was enjoying the patch so much I just wanted to record a bunch of it before I unplugged everything. Then I decided to edit it down and ended up with a 25 minute 'best of' audio file. Then I edited it down further into this 10 minute video.

This is just more from the same basic patch I've been playing with on the last few videos using the Club Of The Knobs C951 arpeggiator module but this time I added the Moon Modular 552 CV to MIDI module so the output of the C951 could also control a MIDI synthesizer (in this case a Roland Fantom-XR) and blend it together with the Synth Tech modular bass line and arpeggiated voice.

Just some eye and ear candy, I hope you enjoy it. :-)

For those interested in learning more:
Club Of The Knobs :
Moon Modular :
Synthesis Technology :
Muff's Modules & More :
Pond 5 (video licensing) :"

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