Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Altera Orbe - Ambient Music Label

Altera Orbe - Ambient Record Label by Altera Orbe

"Altera Orbe is an independent music label owned and managed by the ambient artists Ran Kirlian & Landru. It is mainly focused on the promotion and diffusion of space, electronic, tribal and dark ambient musical genres. Altera Orbe borns as a digital download division of ad21music label as they will focus exclusively on the release, distribution and mailorder sales of physical products from now on.

In our website (www.alteraorbe.com) you may find an online CD & Digital Download Store supporting the works and projects of the artists that belong to the label: Bruno Sanfilippo, Landru, Max Corbacho, Ran Kirlian and our partners from Relaxed Machinery record label. Our Digital Download products are offered both in high quality lossless FLAC files and MP3 files including a complete set of the Cover Artwork in a hi-resolution print ready format, all packaged in a single file for simpler and faster downloading with affordable prices."

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