Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ADSR - Mr. Bill

Published on Dec 22, 2012 Toothsvideo

"For our ongoing ADSR series we met up with Ableton whiz Mr. Bill.

We find out about his music history and he breaks apart one of his tracks showing us all his tricks and processing techniques.

If you're into Ableton Live, time stretching, advanced sample mangling, glitch hop, beats, great melodies you're in for a treat.

Head to for great Mr. Bill downloads including stems to his track 'Cheyah' (featured in the video) and more great free stuff.

Mr Bill's next EP titled 'Lego Bolognese' is out on January 7th in 4 different versions-

1. Standard Edition - Track and artwork.

2. Enthusiast Edition - Tracks, artwork and multi-track stems for all the tracks on the EP.

3. Producers Edition Lite - Tracks, artwork, multi-track stems and all the Abletonproject files for all the tracks on the EP.

4. Producers Edition Full - Tracks, artwork, multi-track stems, Ableton project files and 21.5 hours of video documenting the entire process of me writing this EP."

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