Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jordan Passmore - His Love (Official Music Video)

Published on Feb 14, 2013 Jordan Passmore·46 videos

"His Love" house single written by Jordan Passmore. Video directed by Logan Owlbeemoth.

For this track Jordan used a Casio RZ-1 for all of the drums except for a snare, which is actually a sample of a LinnDrum. The Casio was sync'd up with a MPC-60 which also sequenced a Roland SH-2 (bassline) and an Akai S-900 (which does the chords). The tone sampled with the S-900 was a patch made on the SH-2. All of that was mixed on a Tascam M-1600 desk with a number of the tones being sent to an analog delay and the chords being sent to a digital chorus (Ibanez DMD2000, which curiously enough died right after the mixdown session utilized in the final version of this song).

The video was made by Logan Owlbeemoth ( using some of his custom video art machines. For this video he used the Vortex Decoder and Opti-Glitch, both which are modded 80's Radio Shack video processors. The footage comes from a Johnny Mnemonic VHS tape.
A lossless version of the track is available for download at:

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