Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Shadow Influence, Written and Produced by Alek Stark

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Published by Titan´s Halo Records

Oberheim Xpander XP1 | Roland Jupiter 6 Europa | Korg Mono/Poly | Roland System 100 - Mod.101 | Roland SH-101R | Roland TR-808

Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio.

Intelligent Vector Object by Plástica.
Design by Alek Stark.

Available in hi quality clear vinyl, limited to
200 copies.

The Shadow Influence could be the continuation of the Fundamentals Of Space Travel series released by Alek Stark on Transient Force, but this is not the third volume of this series, it´s a work that opens a new door in my personal evolution.

The main track is divided in five movements but there is not silence between those movements, is a track without cuts. I made a special edition to adapt this work to the vinyl format. The vinyl includes the digital download.

The Shadow Influence is the kind of recordings you made almost without a real consciousness of the moment and even how you are working on these tracks, in those movements.

Titan's Halo has proven to be a record label that is committed to release special recordings and sadly difficult to sell in today's market but as true believers they made it putting a great care of every detail in the manufacture.

This is a very special album for me, I hope you feel the same, this is a new journey, close your eyes and enjoy.


Vinyl manufactured in Record Industry, the best vinyl manufacture in the world.

Super sleeve manufactured by www.vinyl-sleeves.com, the best quality papers. Here we used an Gmud Reaction - Dark Silver Cloud, 315gr. The texture of this sleeve is incredible, is like fabric, and the silver tone really changes with the light.

Includes immediate download of 1-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire."


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  1. Exciting news! Alek Stark's 'The Shadow Influence' promises a sonic journey, expertly crafted with vintage synths and mastered to perfection. Limited vinyl release adds allure to this exceptional album. Can't wait!
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