Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ThreeHives MM/DD/YY/EPII

In 2013, ThreeHives has been releasing new material every month. This months release was an instrumental EP featuring a unique cover of Mahavishnu Orchestra's 'Resolution'. Combining modular mayhem, acoustic recordings, and all manner of electronics, these tracks were each written and recorded in a single evening.

The first track of the year, "Messenger" was picked up by MetroTimes Detroit as 'Download of the Week' in February. http://instagram.com/p/WScVbeJSQg/

Brett Callwood of MetroTimes Detroit said:
"This shit is filthy. "Messenger" kicks off with some industrial-ish noise leading to verses and a chorus that recalls Depeche Mode at their dark and dingy best. There are hints of Nine Inch Nails and Filter in there- electro-rock with almost-whispered vocals but also blessed with a hook big enough to catch one of those massive tuna fish. The band is very sensitive about the fact that there is no space between the words "Three" and "Hives" which seems a little weird but what the fuck, with tunes like this they deserve a little weird."



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