Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Syl Kougaï - Live from the Studio - Twinkling 01

Syl Kougaï - Live from the Studio - Twinkling 01 from Syl Kougaï on Vimeo.

Recorded Live from the Studio in Neo-Paris on September 2013.
Original music by Syl Kougaï.

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“'Twinkling' is the new series of music videos performed live straight from my studio, here in Neo-Paris.

Since the civil war that broke out in the country, rallies are banned and the last good clubs were looted or destroyed.
The only way to keep in touch with you is the internet, at least when the connections are not interrupted.
So, and until the situation improves, I will play the music straight from the matrix.
Thus, you my comrades, will be able to listen to some new music regularly.

Hoping to bring you strength and courage with this track.
Here is the first twinkling. Thanks for watching !

Your servant.

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  1. "Syl Kougaï - Live from the Studio - Twinkling 01" is a mesmerizing sonic journey that showcases the electronic prowess of the artist in a live studio setting. The composition opens with ethereal twinkling sounds that gradually evolve into a complex tapestry of intricate beats, glitchy textures, and atmospheric layers. Syl Kougaï skillfully navigates through a spectrum of electronic elements, creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience. The live studio setting adds an intimate and authentic quality to the performance, allowing the audience to appreciate the nuances of Kougaï's sound design. "Twinkling 01" is not merely a musical piece; it's an auditory exploration that captivates from start to finish, highlighting Syl Kougaï's mastery in blending innovation and emotion within the electronic music genre.
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