Monday, October 14, 2013

Citizen Clone Debut Album Released on iTunes and Other Digital Sites...

"Here is the long awaited album from Sydney based band Citizen Clone.

Music, programming & production by Craig Sue, Dark futuristic stories & Vocals by Manek Deboto of Dedderz.

This completely electronic album is a collaboration of 2 friends who have taken years to get these tracks together...

Both huge fans of everything from Gary Numan to John Foxx to 80's electronic music to current, it is a hybrid of electronic genres...

And for all the gear junkies like myself, here is the list of my gear used on this album : Keyboards : Roland JD-800, JX-10, SH-2, VP-330, SH-2000, JV-2080, Yamaha CP-30, SS-30, Moog Voyager, Micromoog.

Drum Machines : Roland CR-78, TR-77, DR-55, Linn LM-1, LinnDrum, TR-808, Synare 3. Outboard Effects : MXR Phase 100, Yamaha E1010, MXR blueface Flanger Doubler & Digital Delay.

All programmed & controlled in Logic with lots of plugs including The fantastic ZomZom Polymoog emulation by Steve at Synth Magic, as well as Omnisphere, Trillian, Stylus, Korg M1, Wavestation too name but a few... hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did making it :)

- Craig

Now available on iTunes :"

"Latest track from CITIZEN CLONE...
Once again, Manek Deboto lends his eerie & apocalyptic lyric & vocal talents on this thumping dark track... And the usual composing, programming & production from yours truly :) More CITIZEN CLONE tracks in the works... Stay tuned Citizens..."

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