Thursday, November 21, 2013

kraks ad hoc composing

Published on Nov 21, 2013 pianoloft·229 videos

"the new founded duo-project KRAKS combines electronic devices and circuit bent instruments with guitar, voice and piano. the music is improvised, approaching unexpected directions and territories. abstract sound scapes and songsediments are the characteristics of that ad hoc inventions.

the electronic instruments are roland gaia synth, korg ER-1, run through masf possessed glitch delay effect, Korg Em-1, both for groove and percussion elements, experimental devices like random wave synth by panote09, the postcard weevil by bugbrand, the noise brick by dr. moonstien and rota synth by trax. the piano sound is sometimes run through a korg kaos pad 2 for some live sampling or change of sound colours like ring modulation.

wolfgang kschwendt: guitar, voice
martin kratochwil: electronics, piano"

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