Monday, June 8, 2009

Lainhart Film "LUX" at DIGit 2009

"Richard Lainhart's digital film "LUX" has been accepted for screening and for consideration for the Excellence in Digital Arts Awards at 2009DigitExposition, June 12-14, 2009, in Narrowsburg, NY.

LUX is an abstract HD film animated in After Effects. The soundtrack, "The Beautiful Blue Sky", is a realtime electronic synthesizer improvisation for Buchla 200e and Haken Continuum. LUX was recently shown with a different live soundtrack at New York Soundscapes, part of the Ear To The Earth 2008 festival in New York City in October, 2008."

Richard Lainhart

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  1. I hope I can get to see - and hear - this. I suspect Jordan Rudess is playing the Continuum!

    In fact, let me just say, Richard is *extremely* generous - even though he and Jordan were very busy on other projects they took the time to make a great video for us to use at the Mellotron festival in May. Thoroughly good chaps, the pair of them.