Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ernst Horn

Helium Vola, Saber d'amor

YouTube via infuntilov
"From their new double-album "Fuer euch, die ihr Liebt".
Pictures from a concert at "Digital-Analog-Festival", Munich, (Gasteig, Carl Orff Saal), November 2007
Sabine Lutzenberger..."

via flight
"Ernst Horn, my favorite composer, just released his latest album with his project Helium Vola. Here's a link to their video page.

Here's a snippet of his bio:
'The studied and qualified percussionist, pianist and conductor Ernst Horn and his colleague Alexander Veljanov are combining as “Deine Lakaien” melancholy and avant-garde, acoustic sounds and electronic in a completely new and independent way. Surprisingly, with this concept, which is far from usual habits and recipes for success of the music industry, the project regularly reached top ten chart placements. The former orchestra leader for opera, operetta and theatre composer additionally created albums about the gulf war and the German reunification, with audio collages about armament, futurism and monetarism. A unique combination of documentary, satire and music. Ernst Horn already produced the first two albums of the band Qntal. With Helium Vola he combines the above-mentioned two elements with lyrics, mainly from the medieval period and creates new exciting electronic avant-garde, the instrumental and vocal art of the early music. Both albums, Helium Vola and Liod, are considered as unique artworks, visionary, highly professional and far from simple “crossover” material.'"

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