Friday, June 19, 2009

Juan Maclean

full interview on Resident Advisor
"RA continues its new feature series, Machine Love, with a look into the working methods of a man devoted to hardware: The Juan Maclean.

The Juan Maclean just released his second full-length album, The Future Will Come, earlier this month. His history goes far beyond the two albums he's released since 2005 under that moniker, however. John Maclean's music career started in earnest in 1992 when Sub Pop signed an up-and-coming post-punk synth rock band from Rhode Island called Six Finger Satellite. Maclean got his start as a guitar player, helping to create a sound which to this day is lauded for its forward-thinking fusion of electronic and post-punk."

via Brandt: "I saw this band live in Chicago on Tuesday night, and they're really fantastic. The 'live' sidebar is hilarious and essential reading for any synth enthusiast."

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