Saturday, December 26, 2009

Alien Robot Dance - Pluto (dncflr rmx)

YouTube via se7ense7
"A remix i did for a band called 'Essence of Freedom'. You can find them on myspace.

I used the tail of a power chord for the bass, strings are Juno60, lunar pad is JX3P (a preset actually). Drums are TR707 and samples. Sync lead is JX3P. The voices are a short piece of vocals I sampled from the original track."

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    "Alien Robot Dance - Pluto (dncflr rmx)" is a remix that elevates the original track with pulsating beats and futuristic soundscapes. The remix showcases dncflr's exceptional production skills, with seamless transitions and a perfect balance between original and electronic elements. The infectious energy of the track, combined with catchy melodies and driving basslines, creates a dancefloor anthem that will get any party started. The remix maintains the essence of the original track while adding a fresh twist, showcasing dncflr's ability to reimagine a track and bring a new dimension to it. Overall, "Alien Robot Dance - Pluto (dncflr rmx)" is a standout remix that showcases the artist's skill and creativity, making it a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts.