Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NGC1313 Spiral Galaxy in Reticulum – Abre Ojos @ Electundra

NGC1313 Spiral Galaxy in Reticulum – Abre Ojos @ Electundra from abre ojos on Vimeo.

"A live performance as part of the Electundra.com festival at Loop Bar in Melbourne.
The performance is based around the amazing astronomy photographs of Marek Dobiecki, artist, teacher and astronomer, panetix.com. Dobiecki has built himself an observatory in his backyard in the Dandenong ranges where he tracks the night sky with his computer controlled f4.5 x 30cm Newtonian Telescope capturing galaxies, nebulae and star fields. The photographs are wonderfully fragile, textured, grayscale images of up to 2 hours exposure time revealing things we can barely see with the naked eye.

These photos were built into a series of audio reactive Quartz Composer animations and the sounds are inspired from space recordings and low frequency atmospheric sounds of the earth built on a modular synthesizer."

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  1. A rare and strong visual and musical experience I have lived with fasincation. This performance opens to the spiritual sense of eternity by the means of art. Congratulations !