Thursday, December 10, 2009

Atomic Shadow

on SoundClick
"There are 12 pieces and all were done sing software called Berna, which is a recreation of the way this type of music was done in the 50's. There are oscillators that have to be tuned and manipulated in real time. RThere are 4 virtual tape recorders than can be synced. All of the pieces were done in one pass with no overdubs with the exception of #3 and #12 where I overdubbed one pass od Mtron wine glasses and a faux theremin solo respectively. The pieces were recorded sequentially with the exception of #5 which, frankly, sucked. I re-did it twice before arriving at the final version.

In the coming days I hope to have time to put some notes up on the page for each piece about how it was done and what sorts of recordings were used on the 'tape recorders"."

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