Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Wide Blue Room

YouTube via JohnLRice | August 28, 2010

"This is a modular synthesizer "drone" (a dark ambient drone, I guess)presented with a poem by my late sister Cathy. (R.I.P. xxoo)

Drones are best listened to on good quality full range sound systems as they are not about melodies, harmonies, rhythms and flashy dynamics but about deep complex textures and subtle changes.

I think some poems are like drones, and often are not so much about predictable rhymes and quaint but obvious descriptions of nature's beauty or lustful passions but are about deep complex thoughts that are stated . . . elusively.

I hope you enjoy listening to my drone while you ponder the poetry of my sister and watch the images I've chosen.

It's not so much about figuring out what this video is "supposed to mean", (I'm still not sure about a lot of it ;-), it's more for thinking about what it means to YOU . . . or . . . just sit back and think of something else while it plays.

Thank you for watching, commenting and rating!"

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