Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dutch Masters E-Day Promo 2011

YouTube Uploaded by Synthnl on Apr 17, 2011

"This is a video I made for my record label Groove Unlimited. On the 16th of April 2011 they organized the E-day festival in Oirschot (Nl). On this festival there was an official presentation of the Dutch Masters sampler CD. On this album 10 Dutch Musicians made music to 10 Dutch paintings. During the presentation 8 of the 10 artists were present on stage and told why they chose their painting. With kind permission I uploaded this new video to my YouTube account. I deleted the old video that was there before since I think this one was way better. It is uploaded in Full HD so be sure to watch it full screen at the right resolution. In this video also some of my first 3D animations are incorporated by the way. Please note the album is a limited edition of 400 copies and you can get it at http://www.groove.nl"

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