Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nuclear Fadeout - Muzik 4 Machines Outtake

YouTube Uploaded by muzik4machines on Apr 14, 2011

"Brand new song that won't be on the album as it's not up to the standards i've set myself. And it's been a long time i haven't uploaded anything. The song will be on sale on iTunes pretty soon under the name Patchbay."


  1. thanks for sharing
    here's a little bit of info for the gearheads:
    all done in logic, all software, done in 2 hours or so
    pad is ES2
    drums by ultrabeat with a custom kit
    bass Exs24 minimoog bass sample+ES2 for the sub
    the chopped electrik guitar like sound is ES1 into a guitar amp pro and camelspace
    the ping is evp88 with bitcrusher, delay designer space designer

  2. decided to include it on the album as everyone who heard it told me it was ok, so i reworked it and it's on