Monday, June 27, 2011

Dolchnakov Brigade - Onion Is the Underdog & More

Dolchnakov Brigade - Onion Is the Underdog

YouTube Uploaded by clarksilkmer on Feb 9, 2010

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Video by Shlomi Lavie
Featuring RAT!, Henry Turtle and The Mexican Wrestler."

"Imagine the following scenario:

The Residents and LL Cool J had a one night stand after getting wasted in some dive bar in Warsaw, Poland. They got pregnant . They both hated the baby and decided to throw him out of the window. Severe damages but, Miraculously, The baby survived! He started a band and called it Dolchnakov Brigade.

We just released a new song, It called 'Shake The Rooster'. Here's the link :"

And one more:

Dolchnakov Brigade - Katingal #11

Uploaded by clarksilkmer on Dec 13, 2009

Katingal #11 by Dolchnakov Brigade. The real story, as told to Clark Silkmer and Ernest by shlomi lavie ."

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