Wednesday, June 15, 2011

great unwashed luminaries - Starlight Attractions (College Station, TX 2007)

great unwashed luminaries - Starlight Attractions (College Station, TX 2007) by kellyminnis
"great unwashed luminaries is a project I started as an expansion of some of the post-rock minimalism I was exploring as the drummer for The Luna Moth. I have always loved synthesizers (I did grow up in the '80s y'know) but I assumed you needed a room full of synthesizers and drum machines that were like rocket science to program. Luna Moth guitarist Mark Schlipper informed me otherwise, and gave me a copy of Propellerheads Reason 1.0. I never looked back.

This song is a kind of culmination of all that came before. instrumental post-rock, '70s prog, new wave, etc. Recorded in 2007 and released on the "Wield" album, currently out of print."

via The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge:
"This is probably the best song I've written with this project. 2007. Stuff used: Moog Source, Roland Juno 106, E-Mu Vintage Keys Plus, NI Pro53, Reason 2.5 drums. If you like prog, weird time signatures, and synth goofiness then you'll like this." "Oh, and Casio PT-10 too. Can't forget that! Nothing sequenced but drums."

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