Sunday, June 26, 2011

Equilibrium by Reality Sandwich

" *"Fathomless Dreams" Poem by Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca

*Photography by Jenny Yanez

The enormous space we call the universe would disappear once you start to sense that your position isn’t a coordinate in three dimensional space but is a point at infinity. You will start to feel that your existence is only in between “myself = the observer” and “the observed” which is “my” reflected image.

Since I started to view the world like this, I began to feel many brand newsenses that I’d never felt before. The first thing I experienced was aloss of sense of motion and movement. Because I view the world only as a sandwich between “me” and a figure, I started to feel that my true character exists here, there, over there, and everywhere in the space, and “I” look at every agenda from every corner. Now I feel that my sense of motion when “I move” is like an illusion, as if my consciousness became just a skewer pierced through this so-called “reality sandwich.”

Special Thanks to Greg Hunter, Daisuke Fujiwara, Lady Eve, Okihide Sawaki, Kosen Handa, Mike Booth, Vicky Wall.
released 22 June 2011"

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