Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"Interconnected is a collaborative electronica/ idm/ experimental project between Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds, Memory Geist) and Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette). Both guys are heavy into analogue modular systems which makes their sound very unique and organic compared to other artists in the electronica scene who hardly use any hardware anymore.
Their debut album “Current Flow” is a sonic trip where frequencies take on real life form. Each song takes you on an aural voyage to explore new worlds beyond your imagination. The opening track “Greenerblue” brings you smoothly into this new world while other tracks like “Deepestsespeed” give you the impression that you are wandering around that cold surface for ages.
The design of this release might seem a bit dark rst, compared to the music itself, but it represents a so familiar ally and yet so mysterious during the night, the unknown.

Jef Aerts, vu-us
clips from the album here:

of course the album is full of analogue modulars like the Doepfer A100, Serge modular, AS Integrator, Technosaurus Selector, Metalbox / CGS, Blacet research, (with additional Livewire, Cyndustries, Plan B modules) and Oberheim SEM, Jupiter 6, Mono/poly, MS20, SQ10, TR606, Roland System-100m, various string machines and Tape Echoes, Nord modular, Waldorf Microwave, etc, etc...
Bakis Sirros - Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
[Doepfer_a100] group owner
www. parallel - worlds - music. com
www. myspace. com/ parallelworldsmusic
www. myspace. com/ interconnectedmusic
www. myspace. com/ memorygeist
www. DiN. org. uk
www. musicamaximamagnetica. com
www. shimarecords. co. uk
www. rubberrecords. gr
Athens - Greece"

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